Only a Mom of Boys Can know These 20 Struggles

There is a clear difference between raising girls and raising boys and only a mother of boys would understand that. There is just something about the experience of raising boys that will have you saying, “boys will be boys.”

Girls typically are the gentler ones whiles boys are rambunctious and tend to require far more laundry detergent for their clothes. They love adventures and seeking out insects but they are also little gentlemen that can’t help but melt our hearts.

There are all sorts of boys out there, whether it’s the ones that gravitate towards sports or ones that love going into the science fair. These boys develop their personalities when they are young so it’s always good to foster their passions from a young age. Boys are just as easy to love as girls are despite the very different experiences in raising them.

We love our boys because we get to be there to see their accomplishments and for all the amazing memories on how rambunctious they were as boys. There are some clear differences between boys and girls so if you don’t have a boy read on to see why they are so different. Check out these 20 struggles that only a mom of a boy would know.

20 You Will Own Hundreds Of Cars

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There is just something in a boy’s DNA that has him reaching for a car from a very young age. When you meet a guy and you find out that he loves cars, you can bet that it started well before he was 5. It’s as though they already instinctively know that a car goes “vroom vroom” without us even telling them.

You will have hundreds of toy cars of various colors and sizes, and you will start to wonder why you can see your floor any longer. They are just like Legos in the sense that you will want to watch where you are stepping at all times.

19 You Will Learn to Love Mud

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You probably don’t think about mud and toots much. It's only until you have a boy that you then realize it’s the funniest thing in the world to them.

A Parents magazine reader stated, "I have four boys. They are tough, play in the mud, [make me throw away their unsalvageable] clothes. They think [tooting] and burping in public is hilarious and anything dealing with bugs, snakes and [#2] is totally acceptable dinner conversation. You have to let them be boys. They're only little for a short time. But they give the best hugs and kisses!"

It’s just something we have to get used to.

18 You Will Get Soaked Changing A Diaper

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This is something that always takes new moms by surprise. Even when you think you are ready for it, it can take you by surprise. When they are babies, boys don’t have much control over anything and that means you can easily become a target.

According to Naptime Notes, “The best way to go about changing a baby boy's diaper is to blow on his tummy a few times to release his [...] reflex [to go]. This way you are prepared for him to [go] and once he’s finished, you can safely change the diaper.

This unfortunately may not happen if you are changing a diaper in a rush.

17 The War With Legos Begin

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Legos are usually something that parents tend to curse after a while, especially if you step on one on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. A Parents magazine reader stated, "At age 4, your war with Legos is on! You will step on them barefoot, find them in the bottom of your purse, try to keep your younger kids from [picking] them [up], wonder how the heck anyone finds building them enjoyable, and be bewildered at how something so small that they only build once can cost so much."

They could really be used in all sorts of ingenious ways other than just to build things.

16 Boys Learn Early To Put On A Mask

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Dealing with pain with our boys can be difficult because, on one hand, we want them to grow up and be strong while, on the other hand, we want them to also know that it’s okay to cry. It’s good to teach them both ways. Boys, however, seem to have an innate ability to hide their pain. A Parents magazine reader said, "They seem to learn at an early age to act calm when they are really hurt, nervous, or scared on the inside. I don't know where that comes from, but it's pretty surprising when you realize it."

15 You Will Start to Feel Like Mr. Miyagi

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One thing is for sure, if you have boys, then you already know that they are jumping, climbing and rolling all over the place. It’s almost like they are in a constant state of motion. They will use their bedroom and even the backyard to twist and flip all over the place. You get double the fun if you have more than one and you start to wonder how they haven’t ended up in the ER yet. Sometimes it’s best to enroll them in Martial Arts so they have somewhere to release all the pent-up energy that they have.

14 Forget The Designer Duds… At Least For A Little While

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You may be in the mall admiring that adorable cardigan that you know will make your little boy look dapper but you might as well forget about it. When they are young is not the time to match khakis with cardigans unless you are blessed enough to have a calmer boy. Young boys would choose comfort over style every single time. You will be lucky if you can get him out of his favorite Spider-man pajamas. The day will come when cool clothes will matter but it’s rare when they are young.

13 Prepare For A Significant Grocery Bill

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There is no way around it, those growing boys will need to be fed. Boys will typically have bigger appetites than girls have and that can mean a big grocery bill. Word to the wise, don’t take your boys to the grocery store with you because you will end up buying double what you planned on buying. Just be careful that you know when your son is eating a lot because he’s a growing boy and when he is just overeating and gaining extra calories for no reason. Boys are great at sneaking snacks when we aren’t paying attention.

12 Their Hands Are Always Somewhere Else

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When it comes to a being a boy, their own parts are a mystery even to them for the longest time. As a mom of boys, you will find that you are constantly telling him to take his hands out and we know we aren’t the only ones. A Parents magazine reader knows exactly what we are talking about, "You never realize how many times you can say, 'Get your hands out of [there]!' in a day until you are a mom of boys!"

It’s just something that you will learn to laugh at after a while.

11 Boys Love Everything As Loud As Possible

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This is usually the time when they develop a fascination with Bruce Willis and all the movies that come with the actor. They just love seeing Willis do his thing. They love seeing all the theatrics and they are even more thrilled by the sound of it all. Willis talks tough and the boys even get to see exciting car chases. Just try to find a guy out there that isn’t in love with those movies. Hopefully, if you are lucky, they will be satisfied with just watching it on TV instead of re-enacting things in your backyard. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to those award-winning mums you have in your garden.

10 Get Used To Horseplaying At the Playground

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Playgrounds can be stressful places for parents because we are literally watching your children run around and rough house. All kids need to run off some energy, especially boys. The problem occurs when boys get too rambunctious with other kids or use the playground as a testing ground for all their karate moves. We have to teach our boys to play gentler when they are at a playground with other children. Boys are the ones that are more likely to go down a slide head first or climb the monkey bars and start hanging from them.

9 They Have A Ton of Love For Mom

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Boys love their moms, there is no way around it and we wouldn’t have it any other way. A Parents magazine reader said, “He thinks the world begins and end with me. I see how boys have immense pride for their moms. I hope that will not change."

Recognize when your son is exhibiting his pride as it reinforces his feelings. His friendships are as important as his toys.

Cherish them both with him. Boys get to the point in their argument. They want it. They need it. They have no time for drama so they make their case, which makes for an "impatient peanut.”

8 The Love Of Games Is In Their DNA

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It doesn’t matter if it’s sporting events, live games, video games or board games, boys love it all. You may start to wonder how it’s possible for them to still be watching a sports game or playing a video game hours later, but they absolutely love it. Nowadays, video games are far more exciting to play than when we were kids. Boys will likely choose to play a video game over any other activity including eating. If only we could get them to focus on other aspects of their lives in the same way that they focus on video games.

7 You Will Become A Real Life Superhero

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Boys love superheroes and just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you get excluded from being one. A Parents magazine user said, “As a mom, I am forced to play 'superheroes' at all hours of the day, which includes jumps (off of the sofa or any other furniture) and the play [taps] at me (which actually kind of hurt). ...Also, do not get your toddler son a lightsaber. It's used for everything but an actual lightsaber. It can knock over drinks, used as a golf club to [send] toys [on] the floor and, best of all, getting [plunked] in the head with it."

6 There Is Always Constant Noise and Movement

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For anyone who has ever raised a girl, you probably have moments of peace and tranquility in your home. That’s a rare event when it comes to raising boys. You have to get used to noise happening around you all the time. A Parents magazine reader stated,

"Something only parents of boys understand? Total chaos and constant noise and movement. And they have the uncanny knack of making you want to [throw your hands in the hair] one minute and laugh at them or love on them the next."

It’s just one more reason to love them!

5 It’s Hard to Teach Them to Be Gentle

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When you are raising girls, you never really have to say, “Hey, don’t pull on her hair.” It’s just not something that comes out of your mouth. When you have boys however you will be surprised at the things you will have to caution them about. A Parents magazine user said, "As a mom of a 3-year-old and 4-year-old boys, my frequent phrases are 'No hitting,' 'Stop jumping on the couch,' [...] But they are the best cuddlers—once they are finally worn out!"

That couldn’t be truer!

4 The Toilet Seat Is Always Up

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Boys won’t go standing up right away until they are older. When they are in the learning stages, they won’t always put the seat up either and may tend to do their business on the seat as their aim is still very poor. Even grown men have been known to leave the seat up no matter how much we nag them to put it down.

According to Telegraph, “there is a bit of controversy about this. If they have to put the seat down for us, why don’t we put the seat up for them? For most families, little kids or household pets are often running around and may be wanting to drink from the toilet or go fishing.”

3 They Can Be Natural-Born Gentlemen

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Your heart will melt the first time you see your son hold the door open for someone especially if you didn’t have to tell him to do it first. It’s the sweetest, most perfect moment. A Parents magazine user said,

"For some reason, my son was a natural-born gentleman who is protective of all girls. I've seen him defend classmates and open doors for the little girls as well as for me and his grandmother. My daughter, on the other hand, expects him to do these things for her. Boys are protectors, and I think only a mom with boys could see that."

2 They Won’t Always Smell Like Roses

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You know how girls typically smell like sugar and spice and everything nice? That’s generally not the case with boys. Boys seem to be gifted when it comes to passing wind and it’s something that moms with boys get to smell a lot of. Boys love everything to do with toots, they love to joke about them and release them into the world. Nothing is better than the sound of a really loud one as that is something that can send a group of boys into a fit of hysterics. For us moms, this is gross but to boys, toots are super cool and they just want to have fun.

1 They Are Sound Effect Masters

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We are often amazed at the sound effects that come out of our boy’s mouths. Where do they get these sounds from? We couldn’t mimic them if we wanted to. A Parents magazine reader stated, "The whirlwind of living with 7- and 10-year-old boys is mind-boggling. They are world-class sound effect masters. There is the perpetual motion of arms, legs, feet, mouths, elbows, and armpits. There is always [...] tree climbing, video games, and running. Regularly in my dryer, I find things like acorns, rocks, and Lego heads. And just when you think they will never be functioning relatable members of society because of the unbrushed teeth, unfinished homework, they get it together, give you a swift kiss on the cheek, and win your heart all over again."

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