This Facebook Post Nails What Every Online Mom Group Is Like

When it comes to being a mom on social media, you're probably one of two types of moms. The mom who uses social media as a way to stay connected with friends and family, share updates and photos of the kids, and laugh at memes and gifs. Or, the mom who joins every single moms group on Facebook they can find and uses them to crowdsource advice and information for any and every possible scenario in life. Now that we think about it, we're sort of a mix of types 1 and 2. See, we love social media for staying connected and keeping us entertained. And we freaking LOVE us some moms groups. But we don't post in them, oh no. We scroll and screenshot and laugh over some of the things moms share/ask advice about/argue over. Moms groups on Facebook are a special breed, that's for sure! And if you're ever been a part of one, then you'll probably recognize some of these mom group-types. They're in every group, and they're always a good time for lurkers.

Facebook page Mombie Needs Coffee posted a meme about what mom groups on Facebook are really like, and then commenters just went to town. They shared examples of the types of posts you'll see in your favorite moms groups, from the "Could I be pregnant?" posts to the ones that crowdsource very obvious medical advice. They're all spot-on and hilarious.

Image: Facebook/Mombie Needs Coffee

Listen, we get it: trying to conceive is stressful! But no one, and we mean NO ONE, needs to know the ins and outs of your pee stick. If you think you might be pregnant, you need to call your doctor, not ask a bunch of random strangers on a completely non-anonymous Facebook group.

Image: Facebook/Mombie Needs Coffee

There's one in every group! That mom who, despite posting from her iPhone with autocorrect, manages to misspell every other word in the post to the point that you're not even sure what the hell they're actually trying to say.

Image: Facebook/Mombie Needs Coffee

Please do not ask your moms group for baby name suggestions. Because you will get suggestions that run the gamut, from outrageous to downright offensive. And it never fails: the original poster will hate EVERY SINGLE SUGGESTION kindly offered by the group.

Image: Facebook/Mombie Needs Coffee

Repeat after us: Facebook moms groups are not an adequate substitute for actual medical advice. If your child is bleeding, call 911. If your child is sick, call their doctor! Karen in Nebraska who watches a lot of medical shows on TV cannot help you.


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