Disney+ Launching Behind-The-Scenes Documentary Called 'One Day At Disney '

The new Disney+ streaming service will release a new documentary that goes behind the scenes at House of Mouse. Disney is currently ramping up content for its newest digital content bundle. The super-affordable combination package will include a sports network and ad-supported Hulu. And of course, Disney+.

Disney+ subscribers will be able to view their favorite Disney classics instead of having to wait for Disney to pull them from the vaults and offer them at an outrageous price for a limited time, as they have done in the past. Not only that but tons more digital content produced by Disney will be at their fingertips.

This includes a fascinating new document that takes us backstage and shows us what is behind the making of House of Mouse.

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SVOD Disney+ and Disney Publishing Worldwide have teamed up to launch One Day at Disney. A 52 episode series and a feature-length documentary will be released. There is also going to be a table-top book about the House of Mouse available for purchase.

Episodes range from four- to seven-minutes-long. The episodes and the feature-length documentary reveal what Disney creators do in their daily jobs. The screen adaptations will feature Pixar artist Jerome Ranft (Finding Nemo), former ESPN sportscaster Robin Roberts and other creators. The creators will talk about what their jobs at Disney entail on a daily basis.

The collectible table-top book has images taken from 76 photoshoots all around the world. The book will be available for pre-order from August 25 to 25 at Disney’s D23 fan event in Anaheim, California.

Disney+ is hard at work creating new content in time for its launch on November 12. According to the SVOD, Disney has picked up the KTF Films documentary series Pick of the Litter. They plan to turn it into a six-part docu-series for kids and families to enjoy.

There is more to look forward to as well. Disneynature's Dolphin Reef and Encore, a musical show led by Kristen Bell are among our upcoming favorites.

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