On Behalf Of Everyone Else, Please Stop: 20 Annoying Things Moms Do

Moms are annoying. Baby this, baby that -- even when their kids become teenagers. Most moms actually go beyond the usual oversharing on social media and delve right into doing things that may seem normal to them as moms but are incredibly annoying to others.

At the end of the day, even fellow moms don't want to see scroll through pictures and pictures of soiled diapers, especially on behalf of a new mom friend who might be wondering if it's normal. Just because parenting and mommying is a messy affair doesn't mean that previously enforced boundaries can now be crossed.

Yes, fellow moms can relate to the crazy mom life but not everyone is as understanding when it comes to why a mom may need to block the aisle with her stroller or run out of the restaurant without cleaning up after her kids. With that being said, let's have a look at 20 annoying things moms do.

But as a disclaimer, it doesn't by any means that moms everywhere should stop doing them. We're all guilty of doing them and that's just the way the mommy cookie crumbles. Others are just going to have to keep dealing with it because parenting is no walk in the park.

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20 Changing Diapers In The Middle Of The Store

Via: mommysincerest

As moms, we have all changed a diaper or two in the middle of the store. It’s particularly handy when the shelves haven’t been restocked yet and there is somewhere to sit and lay out the changing pad (i.e. the not-yet-stocked diaper box shelves at Walmart). Sometimes, we just have to do what we have to do because if we wait any longer to change the poor little one, he might get a diaper rash and that’s not something we want to deal with.

However, it doesn’t make this practice any less annoying for fellow shoppers, even if they are moms themselves!

19 Humblebragging

Via: Pinterest

I’m so tired of everyone saying I should start a blog because of the pictures I post on Facebook of the crafts I make with my daughter. They’re just for fun and I barely put any effort into them!”

We all know a mom like that. No worries if you are one yourself but humble bragging is a practice that can drive people up the wall, especially non-moms.

Feeling pride about our kids is only normal but as Elephant Journal points out, the annoying factor comes from the way humble braggers “subtly tell us how blessed [their] life is while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor.”

18 Guilting Friends & Family To Buy

Via: Deskgram

Bye, bye, bye MLM’ers. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) isn’t going anywhere soon, with companies like Amway, Usana, Isagenix, Herbalife, Arbonne, and Younique taking over our news feeds. But while there is nothing wrong with moms trying to make extra cash to be able to afford a ballet class for their kids or just to get by, in general, the problem takes root in the neverending guilt impossed by self-proclaimed #mombosses.

Why won’t anyone buy my products? I’m just a mom trying to feed my kids?

The problem isn’t with the last part. Instead, the problem lies in MLM’ers losing their friends and family as a result of relentlessly and annoyingly trying to sell to them.

17 Using 'Unique' Name Spellings

Via: YouTube

“Unique” is the nicer way of putting it. But on the web, a surplus of articles can be found addressing this exact topic using some not-so-nice words.

Everything from Gakub (pronounced Jacob) all the way to Jazlyn, Heathyr, Hadlisyn, and all the others need to GO! Instead of being unique, these types of name spellings and trends are annoying as they are impossible to ever get right. Although they might sound like “normal” names, spelling them becomes a nightmare for everyone, not to mention for the poor child who has to forever face the embarrassment of telling others how to spell it.

16 Letting The Kids Use The iPad With No Headphones... In Public

Via: Cult of Mac

We’re probably all guilty of letting the kids use the iPad or our phone without headphones but it’s one of those things that can make other people extremely irate. I have to admit that I have let my own kids watch a cartoon and play a game on my phone both while waiting for the pediatrician and at a restaurant. In my defense, it wasn’t very loud and it was either that or having them running around, leaving a trail of chaos behind them.

So yes, we have all done it but maybe try to remember to pack the headphones next time.

15 Always Canceling Plans

Via: Parents Magazine

This next one is tough. There isn’t a single mom out there who isn’t guilty of ever canceling plans because her kid caught a cold or her baby didn’t sleep all night, etc. The list of excuses goes on and on, even going on to include some made-up ones because sometimes, moms just don’t feel like going out with another mom for coffee anymore after having to deal with a rambunctious toddler all morning. But canceling plans is one of those things that others can become extremely annoyed by, especially if plans are constantly canceled – even if the reasons are valid each time.

14 Mommyjacking Any Conversation

Via :Perez Hilton

When women become moms, it becomes extremely hard not to talk about the kids all.the.time. After all, we’re with them all the time and our lives pretty much revolve around them. If they’re sick, we have to take time off work to take care of them, if they’re hungry, we have to drop everything and feed them, if they wake up at night from a night terror, we’re there too, etc. On the flip side, if we’re sick, we still have to do all of the above.

With that being said, it only makes sense that all of our most interesting stories revolve around kids as well. However, this isn’t too fun for others, even fellow moms who just want to escape the madness when they ask us to go for a coffee without the kids.

13 Leaving A Mess Behind At The Restaurant

Via: vancouverisawesome.com

For some, having kids can be a hard transition. Whereas before, you could be a foodie and visit all the hippest restaurant in town, now you are forced to have home cooked meals for the most part because the budget simply won’t allow for any outings. Fair enough but we all need to take a break from cooking sometime and much to our regrets later on, drag the kids to our favorite all-you-can-eat sushi place.

Doing so is kind of like flipping a coin because the outcome can literally swing any way. Either your kids will be the most behaved and you’ll have the best time, or they will throw all their food on the floor and throw the biggest tantrum. In the case of the former, there is nothing that infuriates others more than parents who leave behind a huge mess. So grab some wipes and quickly scoop up a bit at least.

12 Reminding Everyone "They Won't Understand"

Via: The Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mom

Once we become parents, the statement “you won’t understand until you have kids” suddenly starts to ring true.

As Lauren Hartmann accurately sums up on Babble, “Knowing a lot about kids and actually applying what you know to your own is an entirely different ball game. Annoying, but true.”

No matter how true it is, it still doesn’t make it any less annoying to hear. Statements like that have for effect to stop a conversation in its tracks. There is pretty much nothing the other person can reply, especially if they haven’t had kids yet but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything valuable to contribute to the conversation.

11 'Just 2 Minutes Honey'

Via: The American Solicitor

Moms (and parents in general) have a knack for dragging their kids to the store “just for two minutes.” Please don’t. Not only do kids not want to sit still in the grocery cart for up to an hour browsing the aisles with you but the other shoppers certainly don’t want to have to sidestep a tantrum-throwing child on the floor either. The same goes for teens who get dragged to the store, although they would rather be anywhere but there. We’re not even going to get into the parents who leave their children in the car “just for two minutes…”

10 Ignoring Tantrums At The Store

Via: demeter clarc

Speaking of tantrums at the store, that’s another annoying thing moms do. Well, they aren’t the ones throwing the tantrum, obviously, but they may be doing something worse. As per KidSpot:

[Saying] "use your words Melinda" when Melinda is having a major meltdown in public and is clearly completely BEYOND words.

Just pick that kid up, put him under your arm like a football and wing him out of there NRL-style. Now is not the time for 'right-on' parenting.”

A kid in full tantrum mode isn’t about to suddenly stop and listen to his mom but leaving the place of the tantrum can actually have for effect to calm them down.

9 Want To See?

Via: Pinterest

No, no one wants to see dozens of the same pictures of the baby learning to crawl, just from different angles. Now that our smartphones can literally hold thousands of pictures before becoming full, we have all developed the habit of taking more than one picture of the same moment “just in case” and to get the best picture possible. That’s all fine and dandy for personal use but trust me when I say no one, not even fellow moms, want to sit there and stare all your pictures. They especially don’t want to see how the baby’s last diaper exploded all up his back and somehow ended up on his nose.

8 Posting About Every Single Milestone, Every Single Day

Via: Pinterest

Speaking of dozens of pictures, oversharing on social media is another exceedingly annoying habit moms develop. Some dads do too but this habit is more prevalent among moms.

“Her third time being outside! She loved it.”

“He can finally hold his head up!!”

“She just rolled for the second time!”

It’s cute and hard not to share but if friends and family are having to scroll past the same kinds of pictures every single day but of a new milestone, they’re going to get annoyed fast and unfollow you. The worst part is that the mom in question will never even know.

7 Putting Baby On The Phone

Via: @simply_happy_momma

“Say hiiiiiiiiiii!”

Okay, we’re all guilty of this one. When the conversation starts to dull with the mother-in-law and we want Dad to know just how bad we’re struggling spending the evening with the kids as he takes his third overtime shift of the week. But putting baby on the phone is one of those things that others roll their eyes at. I used to do it frequently, until one day, my mom did it to me by putting my child, who she was babysitting on the phone, for a while. It was cute at first but repeating the same thing over and over again got annoying fast even for me!

6 Bringing Your Kids To Every Single Get-Together

Via: Brit + Co

Being one of the first out of your friend group to have kids can be challenging. Getting a babysitter isn’t always a possibility, especially if the child is still a baby but constantly declining can also get old. After all, you do want to see your friends, it’s just hard now with kids. Some friend group can be understanding of this and might even tell you that the kids are welcome. Are they really? It’s hard to tell but one thing is for certain: don’t bring them every time. Especially with childless friend groups, they might just stop inviting you.

5 10am... more like 11am

Via: @makaila_stapleton

Up there with always canceling plans, there’s something else that moms are absolutely notorious for: being late. All moms know the struggle of having to get 2+ kids ready, while still needing to get dressed, put make-up and get everything ready, etc.

Even with one kid, being on time can be a struggle, so imagine with multiples! Suddenly, the 9am deadline we set for ourselves to leave the house has morphed into 9:30am and now we’re late. Arriving somewhere on time is a feat in of itself but being late can be incredibly irritating to others. Preparing clothes and your purse in advance can make a world of a difference as can getting up just a little earlier.

4 The Constant Baby Talking

Via: SBS

“Awwwh did you make a poo-poo? Want Mommy to change you?”

It’s hard not to baby talk with our kids but it’s actually best not to avoid the sing-song voice altogether. Not only can it be annoying to the people around us (the same goes for the constant use of 'Mommy' and 'Daddy') but it might actually be detrimental to the baby’s language-building skills.

Today’s Parent explains, “Not only does the slow, exaggerated sound of “parentese” hold the attention of toddlers, but it also gives them clues on how to decode a sentence, build a vocabulary and more. There is a caveat, however: words like “num-num” and “ittle-widdle” aren’t known to help much at all.”

3 Non-Stop Bodily Fluids Talk

Via: @rlillie5

Up there with the constant sharing of pictures, let us not forget the never-ending talks of bodily fluids. Being a parent means we are suddenly acquainted we pee, poop, vomit on a near-daily basis but it doesn’t mean that anyone else, even a fellow parent, wants to constantly hear about it – much less read or see pictures of it in their news feeds.

The same goes for online parenting groups. It’s impossible to scroll through any one of them without the NSFW picture of the latest diaper rash and the questions, “Is this normal? What can I do about it?” Please stop and use Google instead.

2 Blocking Aisles With Strollers

Via: May Contain Nuts

It seems strollers have been getting bigger and badder in the last couple of decades but that’s still no excuse to block the entire aisle with it. Whether at a department store, grocery store or simply at the mall, make an effort to move the stroller to the side!

Once again, we’re all guilty of doing it, especially as we try to focus on the grocery list while baby won’t stop crying because he’s overdue for a nap. Still, being mindful can go a long way.

1 Oversharing With Strangers

Via: riverbabethreads

And lastly, we can't forget oversharing with strangers. Not only is that a bad idea from a safety perspective but it’s also incredibly annoying. Just as you likely didn’t like having strangers touch your pregnant belly all the time, so shouldn’t you overshare with strangers.

“Oh boy am I going to need those wipes,” you might loudly exclaim to the cashier, “he’s been backed up sooo bad and I just gave him prune juice. Just waiting on him to blow any moment now!”

While that might be your only human interaction for the day, it might be best to refrain from oversharing.

References: Babble, KidSpot, and Today's Parent.

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