Lori Loughlin's Daughter Olivia Jade Said Father 'Faked His Way' Through College

In an interview given just a few days before her parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli were arrested in connection with a college bribery scandal, Olivia Jade Giannulli revealed her father had “faked his way” through college and had an entrance scandal of his own.

Olivia Jade revealed during an interview on the Zach Sang Show that although her father told his own parents he was enrolled in USC, he actually 'faked' his college education.

“He didn’t come from a lot, so it’s cool to see that he built it all himself,” the influencer said. “He, like, built his whole entire brand and he wasn’t actually, like, I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this, ever enrolled in college. But he, like, faked his way through it and then he started his whole business with tuition money that his parents thought was going to college. That’s, like, such a different time. I don’t know if I was supposed to say that, but it’s okay.”

In fact, in an interview with The Hundreds, the designer admitted to using his college entrance fee to fund his t-shirt business. "Mossimo went to USC without being enrolled at all," the story writes. "He not only convinced his dad that he was a student by falsifying report cards, Mossimo got him to fork over fees with fake tuition bills. In fact, Moss used this seed money to initiate his foray into the T-shirt biz."

“SC was expensive, so that was how I was starting my company. I used all that cash,” Giannulli stated. "He handled basic screenprinting jobs for campus organizations, and then his ambition triggered. “I used to have hundreds of thousands of cash in my top drawer in my fraternity house. And I was like, ‘this is kind of too easy. I need a bigger platform. If I had a bigger account base, I could really kill it…’”

While Olivia Jade had spoken openly in the past about her desire to skip college and focus on her burgeoning career as an influencer and entrepreneur, she did say that she appreciated that her parents wanted her to experience higher education.

"Mostly my parents wanted me to go because both of them didn’t go to college. I’m so happy they made me go. That sounds so terrible; they didn’t make me,” she said. “My sister goes to the same school, and we are pretty much inseparable, so it was nice following in her footsteps in a little bit. I do like it."

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