Woman Creates An Entire Instagram Page Dedicated To Outfits Her Boyfriend Hates

A woman named Olivia Jackson created an Instagram account to share all of the outfits her boyfriend hates. Olivia has a super fun sense of fashion, but apparently, her boyfriend is not into it. Might as well document it!

Olivia is 24 years old and lives in London. She loves high street fashion and often shops for new outfits. Her boyfriend, however, is not so fond of her choices. He compares her clothes to farmer's outfits, tea towels, and hospital gowns. He also hates her color choices, including mustard, leopard, and clashing pink and red. Olivia doesn't let his lack of fashion understanding bring her down. Instead, she found the perfect way to vent.

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Olivia started her Instagram page @clothesmyboyfriendhates to documents her high street purchases and all of the negative comments her boyfriend makes about them.

Among her outfits are colorfully printed jumpsuits and dresses, bright purses and shoes, and plenty of leopard print. We have to say her fashion sense is pretty on point, and we disagree with her boyfriend's (hilarious) input.

The comment section is filled with fun as well with others chiming in on how they feel about each outfit. There are many Instagram users who share that they have the same outfit, they love what she put together, or that they're siding with her boyfriend and don't like the outfit. All in good fun.

Clearly, the concept is resonating with plenty of women out there. @clothesmyboyfriendhates already has 14,000 followers. Interesting how men just do not understand our fashion sense!

Instagram is an excellent way to connect with others through hashtags. The internet provides us with ways to find our soul sisters spread out over the world. Most of the time this is through common interests. In other situations, shared frustrations are what bring up together.

Instagram accounts have become a great way to reach out and find others in the world who understand one's plight. We are reminded of the Japanese woman who was fed up with her husband's sloppiness and secretly documented his messes on Instagram under the username@gomi_sutero.

Olivia says her boyfriend's most despised get up of her is a multi-colored Primark dress. He refers to this beauty as her 'Technicolor Dreamcoat'.

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