'Oil Slick' Is The Colorful New Hair Trend For Brunettes And It's Perfect

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Brunettes now have a reason to rejoice because there's a new hair trend in town and it's been created specifically for those with warm, rich locks. Typically, color trends for brunettes have always leaned towards the coffee or caramel shades, or Auburn and red wine hues. Now, brunettes are able to rock the multi-colored hair look with the latest “oil slick” trend that is popping up everywhere.

According to Glamour Magazine, brunettes everywhere can thank celebrity colorist Jason Hogan with the creation of this fun and glam new look, although many other colorists have claimed to have created the look. The color trend is called “oil slick” because it mimics the colors that are created when oil or gas is spilled on the ground, and it was created to work specifically on darker hair.

"It's dark, mysterious, rich and, more importantly, the most striking fantasy hair trend with the least amount of damage," Splat Hair Color Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Helen Crutchfield-Christoni said.

The effect is created by coloring the hair with multiple different colors and is something we've definitely seen before, like with the mermaid hair trend. The big difference is those amazing multi-colored hair trends used to be reserved for blondes, leaving brunettes waiting for their turn to rock the multi-colored hair look!

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Using the jewel tones like purples, greens, and blues in darker hair gives a shockingly beautiful effect that people just can't seem to get enough of, and stylists love to create.

The best part about this hot new hair trend is it can be as dramatic as you want or as subtle as you need. The colors can be more vibrant and throughout the entire hair, or more muted and applied, so they're only seen when one runs their hands through their hair, giving a “peek-a-boo” effect.

The best part of oil slick hair is that it doesn't cause nearly as much damage as many other hair trends that require brunettes to bleach their hair does. The oil slick trend is designed to work with brunettes, and it compliments their already rich, warm hair color without the need to lighten first and then apply color.https://www.instagram.com/p/BwarjobhGKP/If you're looking for something new for the coming summer months are want to add a bit of color to your life, consider oil slick hair and make a fun and colorful statement. After all, who says blondes have more fun?


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