Ohio Passes Bill Protecting Students' Religious Views During Science Class

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Ohio has passed a bill which allows students' to disagree with what is being taught as scientifically correct, due to their religious beliefs. The bill, which was passed on Wednesday, is labeled as the "Student Religious Liberties Act." It allows for students to voice their beliefs as their own fact. This doesn't take away from what is being taught, but gives a chance for different viewpoints to be discussed.

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According to Foxnews.com, Gary Daniels, the chief lobbyist of ACLU of Ohio, states, "teachers shall not penalize or reward a student based on the religious content of a students' work." This means the students will be expected to complete their work, but will be graded upon "substance and relevance" of the topic being learned. Many critics feel this is unnecessary, while others believe it is a right that is needed to be protected. Republicans have supported this bill and it is currently being moved to the Senate.

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Timothy Ginter, a GOP representative who sponsors the bill, says that nowadays students are faced with more pressure than ever before, because of their religious beliefs. He is in favor of religious freedom and expression. He doesn't dismiss the fact that children will have to meticulously present their homework based on what is taught in class, but it does give them the chance to express their opinion. For example, if the lesson is being taught on Evolution; the student can say that their belief is that God has created the world. However, they are to report the facts being stated in the lesson plan. Moreover, they are allowed to include, in their writing, their fundamental views as fact as well.

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This is a step towards freedom of speech, freedom of religion and supports those who have felt the need to keep their beliefs to themselves. We are currently living in a time period where many are open-minded and accepting of others' differences. The question may be, though, is it going to far? Are we distorting facts or are we just having an unbiased perspective on what could be fact? All in all, it is good to see both sides of the coin and decipher for oneself. Comment below how you feel. Share this on your social platform and see others' views on this topic. Is it a good thing or too much of a good thing?

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