Ohio Mom Receives Jail Sentence For Killing Her 3 Sons In A Fit Of Jealousy

Trigger: Mention of child's death.

Some women really shouldn't become mothers. Sometimes it's because the mother in question doesn't have the means to care for their child. But the truth is, some mothers are just pure evil. In fact, they'll even go as far as to make pathetic excuses for doing any evil acts in a desperate attempt to explain it away.

One Ohio mom has received her jail sentence for the murders of her three sons. The name of the mom in question is Brittany Pilkington and her sentence comes as a result of a plea deal that was revealed last week. Instead of waiting for her trial to commence sometime next year, she instead pled guilty in exchange for a term of 37 years in jail.

Rather than taking place in a day or so, Brittany took about a year to murder her children. It started back in July of 2014 when she smothered three-month-old Niall to death. She killed four-year-old Gavin the same way as his young brother in April of 2015. Just four months later in August, Brittany murdered three-month-old Noah by also smothering him.

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Brittany later told police that jealousy was her motive for killing her sons. According to her, she murdered them because her husband, Joe Pilkington, gave them more attention than her. She believed that he didn't give her or their surviving eight-year-old daughter the same attention as he did to their sons. So, she decided to kill them to regain his attention.

In contrast, Brittany's defense claimed that she had brain damage due to childhood lead poisoning, as well as having to endure years of abuse. Such abuse was allegedly committed by Joe, who once dated her own mother. Brittany's attornies showed brain scans to prove that the brain damage claim was true, and therefore she shouldn't be eligible for the death penalty.

When one expert for the prosecution conceded that Brittany shouldn't qualify to be sentenced to death, they agreed to a plea deal in order to spare her life. Logan County Prosecutor Eric Stewart would later say that her plea and subsequent jail sentence would bring "justice and closure to this tragic case".

Due to Joe's past conviction of sexual imposition for having intercourse with Brittany when she was underage and her now being in jail, the couple's daughter doesn't live with her parents right now. She's currently in a foster home, and it's unknown if Joe can or will regain custody of her. Here's hoping that this broken family will eventually heal from this tragic event.

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