October Will Bring 'Widespread Frost' To The U.S. Experts Warn

September was toasty this year, but October is going to be cold as ice. And we mean that literally. The summer of 2019 was a hot one, and many of us looked forward to the fall. As much as we love beach days, baking in the sun does get old, and one begins to dream of a nip in the air. Those dreams did not come true this September, which experienced record highs. But they certainly will in October, at least in some parts of the United States.

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According to the AccuWeather forecast, the North-Eastern parts of the country will experience a significant change in weather starting the first week of October. Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn.

September was basically an extension of summer this year, for most parts of the United States. Within the recent weeks, the temperature in this region has averaged from two to six degrees above normal with a few cooler days mixed in here and there.

Change is in the air, and again, we mean thins literally. Temperatures are about to shift in the lower direction, resulting in chillier air. People will experience a noticeable cooldown, and most likely they will welcome it.

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In fact, the interior areas will experience a widespread frost. The frost, which will arrive on the weekend, will most likely cover the central Appalachians and the majority of central and northern New England.

No doubt there are benefits to an extended summer. No one is complaining about extra beach days and barbecues. But hot weather is not without its challenges. Mosquitoes continue to thrive and allergies often persist.

What's more, it just becomes tiresome after a while. Something doesn't feel right when the leaves begin to fall but we are still clad in summer dresses and sandals. Honestly, we are just over it.

So come on at us, October frost! We are pulling out our riding boots, flannel shirt, and donut scarves. Time to pack away our bikinis sit inside sipping pumpkin spice lattes.

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