10 Ways To Occupy Yourself If You're Put On Bed Rest

If you're having a high-risk pregnancy, you may find yourself put on modified bed rest, home bed rest, or (worst of all) hospital bed rest. At first, being told to lay in bed all day to rest and sleep sounds like the best prescription ever. But, once you've caught up on sleep and your back starts aching you will quickly come to think of your bed as a prison instead of the sleep sanctuary it once was.

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It doesn't take long to get super, super bored on bed rest (especially if you're not able to work while on it) and you may feel like you're slowly losing your mind. Still, there are a few ways to keep yourself occupied as you count down the days to delivery.

10 Netflix & Chill (But Actually Chill Out)

Netflix isn't exactly a new concept for relaxing, but for TV lovers this is a tried and true way to stay entertained. Use this time as an opportunity to watch all of the cheesy romantic comedies you've been wanting to indulge in or binge watch all 15 seasons of Greys Anatomy (RIP McDreamy).

There are documentaries on basically every topic of interest, tons of full series, and endless amounts of movies. Even if you're on bed rest for your entire pregnancy, you probably still wouldn't run out of content to watch. Just make sure whatever you're watching keeps you chilled out because stressing out over the fate of fictional characters won't be good for the baby.

9 Try Out Some Makeup Tutorials

Ever wondered what your face would look like if you did your lips like a Kardashian sister? Still struggling to perfect your contouring craft? This is a great chance to try different makeup techniques without having to worry about going out in public looking like a clown!

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You can get as crazy as you want (what better excuse to bring back some glitter eye shadow?) and simply wipe everything away with some makeup remover when you're done. You can also try out some hair tutorials - who knows, you may end up coming out of bed rest with the perfect beach wave and best makeup look you've ever had.

8 Have A Date With Your Partner

Remember on your honeymoon how you'd have breakfast in bed and snuggle up on your partner every morning? Consider this an opportunity to do that again, just without the mimosa this time. You can ask your partner to make a meal and join you in bed with candles, some music, and make a little date out of it. If the cooking has been on your partner anyway, you can order take out and do the same.

Whatever it is you two like to do on date nights, try to do it in bed. You can find some fun trivia games online, explore new music and discover bands you'd like to see, watch the latest Marvel movie together, or just catch up on life.

7 Scour The Internet For Sales On Baby Items

If there's ever a time to spend hours upon hours researching the best baby products and finding the best deals - it's now! If you haven't had your baby shower yet, you can build up your registry using all of your new knowledge.

Or, you can cash in on all the gift cards you've probably received and get everything that's left on your list at a discount because you have the time to really dig through the web to find them. You can also stock up on baby clothes, do some early holiday gift shopping, or get some much needed postpartum clothes for you - because after weeks on bed rest the last thing you will want to wear will be leggings!

6 Join A Facebook Group With Other Mamas On Bedrest

They say it takes a village to raise a baby, and honestly, that starts basically the day you get a positive pregnancy test. If you haven't already, join a "birth month" group on Facebook or another website and chat with moms who are in the same stage of pregnancy as you. You can also look for bed rest mom groups where you can meet and chat with other mamas who are losing their minds while trapped in bed.

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These women will help give you a sense of normalcy and will validate your feelings. You probably want to vent about how tough your situation is, but only someone who has or is going through it truly understands (because every other pregnant woman who is working until the day she goes into labor probably thinks she'd love to "just lay in bed"). Who knows, you may even make friends that last well into motherhood.

5 Take Up A New Hobby

Is there a low-intensity hobby you've been wanting to pick up? Here's your chance! Pull up YouTube and start searching for tutorials on knitting, sewing, cross-stitching, or how to beat a particularly hard level in a video game you've started playing (it's not cheating, right?).

Whatever it is you've been wanting to try out is now at your fingertips - and you have all the time in the world to perfect your craft. Even if you don't master the hobby you're trying out, it's still something fun to try and to get your mind off things. Who knows, you may be able to sew your baby's first Halloween costume by the time you deliver.

4 Invite Your Friends Over

Back when you were younger, you probably had tons of slumber parties with friends. You made popcorn, watched movies, chatted about life, stayed up too late, and prank called boys. You can still do all of that even though you're an adult (your partner will totally get a kick out of a silly prank call or text, trust us).

Gather your girlfriends and invite them over for some take out pizza, mocktails, and good times. It probably won't take long for you to forget that you're on bed rest because you'll be having so much fun and laughing so hard. This is what best friends are for, right?!

3 Read Or Listen To A Book (Or Two...Or Three)

Remember that stack of books on your shelf that you bought with every intention of finishing? Here's your chance! You can use this time to read all of the thrillers you've been wanting to indulge in, try to learn as much as you can about parenting before the baby comes, get caught up in celebrity life by reading every memoir you can get your hands on, or even get yourself pumped up for this life change by diving into a few self-help books.

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If you're not into actually reading, you can always do an audiobook (you know, today's version of a book on tape) and listen while you're online shopping or knitting.

2 Get A Grown-Up Coloring Book

Soon, you'll be spending your spare time coloring pictures of Disney characters with your toddler (who will inevitably scribble all over your beautifully colored Ariel portrait), so take this time as an opportunity to color pictures by yourself, knowing that no one is going to try to take over and color outside of the lines.

Adult coloring books are everywhere and they're a great way to pass the time. Typically, every page is completely filled with intricate designs with hundreds of little spaces for you to color in. In fact, they're so detailed you may not even be able to finish a page in one sitting. It's a fun and relaxing way to spend your downtime.

1 Play Some Solo Games

Now is as good of a time as ever to keep your brain sharp and brush up on your solitaire skills. If you're not into cards, you can use this time to do some fun crossword puzzles or sudoku. You can also get online and play games like Scrabble or Wheel of Fortune with people (or the computer if you're not looking for interactions with strangers).

You can learn how to play chess or do some crazy jigsaw puzzles. There is truly no shortage of games you can play either solo or with people, whether it's online or in real-life (assuming your partner is down to play with you).

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