Turns Out, Your Real Obsession With Fall Can Be Explained By Science

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It's been a long, hot, glorious summer. But it's September now, and even though the weather is still topping 100 degrees in some parts of country, for most people it is the unofficial start of the fall season. Sure, fall doesn't officially kick off for another couple of weeks, but why let calendars and such get in the way?!

September means back to school, turning leaves, Halloween decor in stores, and pumpkin spice lattes in your Starbucks cups. If you're a fall lover, than you've probably been counting down all summer for the start of the autumn season. But what is it about fall that people love so much? We agree, the colors are lovely, the holidays are top-notch, and it's always nice to cool down after the endless heat of summer (cool down eventually, we mean, it still feels like summer where we are!).

But could there be another reason people fall so hard for fall? Well, according to one study, it can be explained by good ol' science!

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The reason we all love fall so much, according to Kathryn Lively, professor of sociology at Dartmouth College, is because we've been conditioned to love it since a very young age. Think about it: what was the best part of fall when you were a kid? Back to school (and Halloween!), of course! Fall meant heading back to school, seeing friends, new clothes and school supplies.

It was like a fresh beginning after summer, when everything was new and exciting again. We experienced that pattern for 18 years, and it is a hard habit to break! So now, as adults, fall elicits memories of new beginnings, new ventures, and warm feelings. The cute sweaters and boots certainly don't hurt, either.

Of course, the ideal temps of fall play a big role in our love affair with the season, too. Summer is relentlessly hot, and winter is just too dang cold! But fall is that perfect bowl of porridge, ideally suited for just about everyone. If you're an autumn fan, we hope you're gearing up for when fall really hits by dusting off those boots and taking those scarves out of storage.

Hurry now, it'll be Christmas before you know it!

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