Almost Half Of This School's Teachers Are Pregnant

A lot of people like to say “there must be something in the water,” but in this case, there might just be something in the classrooms. That’s because almost half of the teachers at Oak Street Elementary school in Kansas are pregnant. Many say that this further proves the point that being pregnant can be contagious among both friends and co-workers!

A photo of 7 pregnant teachers posing side-by-side with their belly bumps on display went viral on Facebook. This is in addition to the several teachers at the school who have just had their babies. Reports indicate that half of the school’s staff members are currently pregnant. The seven teachers in the photos are holding their bumps and wearing the school’s t-shirts with the official mascot’s print on them.

The post has gotten so much attention that many media outlets have picked up on it. The school’s principal, Ashley Miller, told ABC News in an interview that she doesn’t mind having to find a good number of substitute teachers to fill in for everyone while they will be on their maternity leave. That’s because she’s thrilled over the fact that there’s a baby boom in her own school. If anything, it’s brought the school and their community close together.

Miller told ABC, “After the third one I was a little in shock, the fourth one I was really in shock, the fifth one I didn't know what to say and by the seventh one I had to remember to congratulate her because my first words were, 'Are you kidding me?'"

The Oak Street kindergarten classes of 2024-2025 are growing by the day! We can't wait to meet the little ones of these seven teachers!

Posted by USD 265-Oak Street Elementary on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The school principal added that while she’s been working at the school for well over two decades, she’s never seen anything like this before. The school was recently approved for renovation work, and Miller even joked that she is going to need a built-in nursery to help cover for childcare expenses.

It’s also been noted that the due dates for each of the pregnant teachers are staggered far apart enough that the school’s administrators don’t have to worry about a schoolwide shutdown because of everyone’s maternity leave. As adorable as it is to see half of the school’s teachers pregnant, it would be hard to fill in the gaps for everyone while they are gone.

Whether a school-wide baby shower is in the works remains to be seen.

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