O.B. Now Offering Organic Tampon With A Plant-Based Applicator

O.B Organic Tampons

Remember back in the day when we first got our periods? We didn't have much in the way of choices when it came to how we were going to manage our monthlies. You could basically choose between a few different brands and configurations of tampons, and various maxi pads and liners. You were either Team Tampon or Team Pad, and within those teams you were sorted into a more specific group. Wings versus no wings, applicator or no applicator. The pickings were slim!

Thankfully, menstrual products have come a long way, and now we have lots of choices. There are still the old standbys, but now there are cups and period panties and other cool stuff to use during your period. Menstrual products are really moving toward being multi-use (a cup can last you so many years!), and for a lot of people, sustainability and the environment have a lot to do with their decision to use a multi-use product. We're moving away from single-use plastic items like straws, but when it comes to things like tampon applicators, it's hard to make the change. We can't live without them, you know?

Luckily, o.b. Tampons recognized the need for a more sustainable product, and they've released a new organic tampon with a plant-based applicator. This is kind of a game-changer, guys.

ob tampons
Credit: Edgewell Personal Care / o.b. Tampons

The o.b. Organic is a tampon made from 100% organic cotton. But even more importantly, the new Tru-Comfort applicator is 92% plant-based and made from renewable resources! It's made primarily from sugarcane. The rest of the applicator is made of materials that come from the manufacturing of traditional plastics. All materials used have been evaluated by the FDA and are deemed safe for instructed use. You still throw the applicators away in the trash like a regular plastic applicator; however, the use of sugarcane will potentially reduce the resources used to make them, when compared to traditional plastic applicators.

If sustainability and the environment are high on your list of concerns as a human being (and they should be), but you still haven't made the switch to a reusable menstrual product, then these tampons are right up your alley. They're not a total solution to the problem of single-use plastics in menstrual products, but they're definitely a start.

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