These Kids In 'Nurse-In-Training' And 'Doctor-In-Training' Shirts Strike People The Wrong Way

It seems that women are constantly taking two steps forward and one step back in their bid for equality. Recently the Twitter account Medical Shots posted a picture that they clearly thought was cute, depicting what looks like a toddler girl and boy wearing scrubs as they walk through a hospital hallway. The picture is taken from the back and shows the tiny duo holding hands while they walk.

While the picture itself is adorable, it's the message that it seems to be sending that is striking people the wrong way. The young girl in the photograph is wearing pink scrubs with the words “nurse in training” printed on the back while the young boy is wearing dark green scrubs and, you guessed it, he gets to be the “doctor in training.”

Stereotypically women have been nurses while men take on the role of doctor, yet we all know in real life that men and women can be doctors, nurses or any other type of medical professional they choose. Many commenters on the Medical Shots Twitter account pointed out that the picture was not cute at all, but only served to perpetuate a stereotype that women have been fighting against for years.

"Why isn’t she a Dr as well? Or why is the boy not a nurse?" wrote one commenter. Another pointed out the clearly dated sexist mentality behind it by writing, "How did you tweet this from the year 1950?"

"The children are cute. The sexism on their backs is NOT," wrote another fed up commenter who was not here for the blatant sexist stereotyping of these young children.

Another quick-thinking Twitter user was quick to correct the image, posting their own updated picture in the comments., simply labeling both as health professionals.

Many people took the time to point out there are many female doctors and male nurses in the medical profession and not acknowledging both does a disservice to everyone. "My brother is also a nurse and a fantastic one at that," wrote one offended commenter. "Male nurse here," wrote another.

This isn't the first time people have been offended by sexist labels put on children through the clothes they wear. Gap Kids came under fire in 2016 for an ad campaign that featured a young boy wearing a "little scholar" shirt that featured the image of Albert Einstein alongside a picture of a young girl wearing a white and pink shirt that read "the social butterfly."

Very few commenters on the picture posted on Medical Shots' Twitter page found the image cute, with most being outraged that in 2019 we are still placing sexist labels on children who are too young to know better.

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