5 Things Parents Do That Drive Teachers Up The Wall

Taking your child to school - especially for the first time - can be a huge deal. Letting another adult educate your kids and shape their young minds isn't something to be taken lightly. Sometimes, it's hard to give up the reigns and let someone else take over - but in reality, parents and teachers need to work together to make this thing work. However, it's not always so simple.

Teachers can do things that drive us round the twist, but have you ever stopped to think what it's like for them? As parents, we know what frustrates us, but if you've never been in their shoes then you probably won't realize that the feeling is oftentimes mutual. Today's Parent published an insightful blog earlier this year giving us the inside scoop from inside the classroom. Read on to discover 5 things that parents do that drives teachers insane.

1. Getting too friendly

Everyone wants to get on with their child's teacher - it's just natural. Unfortunately, no matter how lovely and inviting you are, teachers are busy people and trying to strike up a conversation that's not directly related to your little one's progress can take up precious time. Yes, she had a great time at the soccer game, but does she want to repeat that over 30 times to each mom and dad? No.

2. Not following the school rules

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You know what they say, rules are there for a reason - and that reason isn't so you can break them. Schools run on a tight schedule, not to mention that some policies are implemented for the safety of staff, parents and children alike. Thinking that rules don't apply to you just once can land you in hot water, disrupt the system and cause some serious issues. Just stick to them and don't be a Debbie Downer. One teacher told of a time when a parent parked in a no-stop zone, then when she was asked to move called the teacher on duty a host of foul names. "We had to get the police involved to make it clear that parents need to follow the rules," said Mrs. Sweeny.

3. "It must be nice to have the summer off!"

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This simple sentence is universally hated by teachers everywhere, according to Miss Sullivan, a teacher at a Toronto school. While some parents may think it's a luxury, teachers work really hard for the other 10 months of the year, often in their own time. "I don't work in an office, I can't take five minutes to breathe when I have a splitting headache. I don't get to answer the phone when my own children are sick. My priority is keeping your kids safe," said Sullivan. What's more, summer isn't all fun and games as teachers often plan lessons for the year ahead.

4. Complaining about getting things

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Getting school supplies can be daunting, especially if it's your first rodeo, but there's no need to get all worked up about it. Miss Davidson, a Kindergarten teacher, recalls a time when an overly anxious mom turned up with three different types of glue. "She bombarded me with emails - and this was in August! I'm a mother myself, so I get it, but this woman showed up with three different types of glue."

5. Taking more than your time

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If you've thrown a party with a strict RSVP date but had half of the guests not respond, you'll know how frustrating it can be to chase up replies. That's exactly how teachers feel when you're given a form and fail to bring it back, or packing a spare outfit. According to Davidson, parents won't pack the basic things then complain when their child is given a replacement to borrow.

Spare a thought for teach - after all, they're faced with keeping over 30 kids in check for 6 hours, 5 days a week. Ouch.


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