This Mom Wore The Perfect Shirt For The First Time Her Child Slept Through The Night


As many first time parents know, it’s not easy to get your newborn child to sleep through the night. Thankfully, there’s a new shirt available that will help mothers commiserate with the loss of shut eye with this perfect t-shirt.

A Reddit user named Momminaintez shared a photo of her pajama that said, “Not Enough Sleep” with two long, black eyelashes on it. What made this shirt unique is that the breastfeeding mom’s breasts were leaking, making it looks like her fake eyelashes were crying tears of joy.

"My [little one] slept through the night finally," the proud mother wrote in her post on the breastfeeding sub Reddit. "My boobs are crying tears of joy."

The post of course produced plenty of laughs, as most moms can definitely relate. The great thing is that this mom’s child slept through the night for the first time. Unfortunately, her baby slept so much that he or she missed a nighttime feeding, resulting in the mother’s leaky boobs, or rather, “tears of joy.”

Leaky boobs – better known as the medical term colostrum – occur when your breasts become so full of milk that they overflow. It’s also when the hormone oxycotin triggers the muscle cells in your breasts to squeeze out the milk (also known as the letdown reflex).

Of course, there’s no one formula that will help your new bundle of joy effortlessly sleep through the night. But there are several tips that can help extend their night time rest in between feedings.

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If you have a newborn, many experts suggest that you make daytime feeds social and lively while making night time feedings more quiet and calm. In addition, you can also set a short and simple bedtime routine from about three months. Parenting professionals suggest that you start with a bath and then dress your child in his or her pajamas in order for them to get better situated and comfortable before climbing into their cribs.

The Reddit mom didn’t post any additional details of how long her baby slept, nor did she say how long she slept. Either way, we have a feeling that it was a successful night, both with the leaky boobs, tears of joy, and all.

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