How To Help Your Kid's Favorite Teacher Win A Free Cruise This Spring

Do your kids have a favorite teacher who could use a little appreciation? Perhaps you’re a teacher yourself and could use a getaway? Well thanks to Norwegian Cruise Lines, you can show your appreciation by nominating your child’s favourite teacher to win a free cruise. The cruise line’s “Giving Joy” campaign was launched in an effort to give back to inspirational educators.

Teaching can be a very rewarding, yet incredibly challenging career. Educators are often put in the position of having to do far more than just facilitate learning for their students. A recent survey showed that many teachers have second jobs during the school year to make ends meet.

Additionally, due to funding cuts many teachers end up working additional hours from home and purchasing their own classroom materials. To be an educator is arguably a very important role in society, yet on the whole it seems that teachers typically don’t get the credit or appreciation they deserve.

Norwegian Cruise Lines
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This campaign’s attempts to show appreciation for teachers is a refreshing bit of good news for those who love educators and the important work they do. Anyone in Canada and the U.S. can nominate their favourite teacher to win a 7 day cruise for 2 that will include airfare and accommodations. Nominations are open until April 12th 2019, and teachers are even able to nominate themselves.

On April 12th, the 15 finalists will be selected, and will then participate in an award ceremony where they will have the chance to win an additional $15,000 for their school. Pretty cool, right?

Sharing your vote on social media is encouraged by the cruise line to encourage more votes and more chances for teachers to get some appreciation. With Teacher Appreciation week coming up in the United States from May 6th to 10th, this couldn’t come at a better time.

To nominate your kid’s favorite teacher, or another teacher you know (including yourself), visit the Norwegian Cruise Line “Giving Joy” campaign page here.

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