North West Responds To Kim Kardashian's Newest Makeup Tutorial, And It's Hilarious

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It's no secret Kim Kardashian loves her glam squad. And while she typically rocks her signature bombshell look, she's completely open to trying something different. Kim's like a beauty chameleon of sorts. Recently the reality star let a makeup artist pal take her to a whole new world when she filmed a tutorial that turned her into none other than Aladdin's Princess Jasmine.

Now, listen, we've seen Kim rock a Jasmine-inspired look before when she and daughter North both dressed as the Disney princess for Halloween last year (looking adorable, might we add). But makeup artist Kandee Johnson's tutorial takes Kim's costume to a completely different level. Seriously, you could send this woman into Disneyland and we're pretty sure she could go incognito as Kim Kardashian but have fans lining up to take photos with Princess Jasmine.

Kim was a great sport as Kandee begins the tutorial by using an Elmer's glue stick (yes, the kind your kid likely uses for arts and crafts) to conceal the beauty mogul's eyebrows. Kim looks a teensy bit skeptical as the makeup artist coats her brows in the adhesive, which she is promised is water soluble and will come right off with a good rinse.

Once Kandee draws in "Jasmine" brows, Kim really starts to look like the princess. And once you see the final look, you'll be blown away by the transformation.

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One person who wasn't so dazzled by Princess Jasmine? Four year old North, who called her mama out immediately when she tried to FaceTime her daughter.

"You don't look like Jasmine," the little girl responded. "You're really Kim. It's KIM."

Clearly nothing gets by this kiddo. Despite Kim's continuing efforts to convince North she's really Jasmine, the oldest of the West children simply wasn't buying what her mom was selling. You can hardly blame her. She has watched her mom transform in the makeup chair what has likely been hundreds of times. A pair of cartoonish brows and a Jasmine wig isn't going to cut it when trying to pull a fast one on North West.

Kim laughed off the convo, referring to her daughter as her toughest critic. As moms, we can probably all relate to that in terms of our kids. Better luck next time, Kim!

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