Nordic White Is The Hair Color Trend Flooding Instagram

Hair color trends have never been hotter than they are right now and have been influenced by everything from the colors left on the ground after gasoline spills to the deep, rich colors of red wine to the pastel shades that are so popular in Springtime. Celebrities are known for being huge influences on what trends are hot right now, so it should come as no surprise that one of the biggest television characters is having a huge influence on hair trends for the summer.

Fans of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones would recognize character Daenerys Targaryen anywhere and for not just being the Mother of Dragons, but for her signature icy white hair.

While we're certain that the character isn't the only reason that Nordic white hair has become a huge trend lately, it's probably a pretty big contributing factor. Nordic white hair is platinum blonde taken to the extreme. It's a blonde in the coolest shade of blonde you can get and when done properly the results are simply stunning. Massachusetts-based colorist Daniel Tetreault, who goes by the Instagram handle @HairLikeaBoss has created some of the most amazing Nordic white looks and shares them on his social media.

He explained to Pretty52 that although the color is super hot, not everyone can get those icy white locks. "I only take clients who are a level 7 (lightest brunettes) and above for my #NordicWhite hair," he explained. "Girls who are level 5 and below will have a longer more intensive lighting journey, risking the hairs integrity.

Achieving the icy white look of the Nordic white hair requires more than just a natural light brown or blonde hair color. If you think this is a look you may want to try, be prepared to be in your stylist's chair for a long time. "Creating platinum-white hair takes patience and consistency — these results are done in five- to eight-hour sessions, depending on the client's starting point and the condition of their hair," Tetreault told Allure Magazine. "When I teach classes I always preach: Go low and slow. Babysit the hair and just watch it [because] it's all about saturation and understanding what you’re seeing."


The Nordic white hair is super hot right now and you can see why. The color is so striking that it's sure to turn heads, and Tetreault does note that clients who have naturally lighter hair will require less maintenance than you may expect, with a touch up required only every six weeks or so. If you're hoping to go icy white yourself, make sure you visit a reputable salon for a consultation before you begin. Nordic white hair is amazing, but it simply won't work for everyone so make sure you talk to a colorist before you give it a try.

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