10 Non-Traditional Families That Make Our Hearts Sing

Many years ago, when anyone thought about the typical family structure of that time, they would usually get a mental image of a husband, a wife, and one or more children that were biologically theirs. However, times are changing, and that means what was once thought to be the typical family structure is not quite as common as it was a long time ago.

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Families are very different these days. Certain topics, such as single parents raising children on their own, weren’t as talked about as they are today. Here are a few non-traditional families that really touch our hearts.

10 The DeCiccos Adopted A Boy Who Had Been Exposed To Harmful Things

For the most part, many babies are born happy and healthy. But on the other hand, some of them are born into some very unhealthy circumstances, and that is the case for Enzo DeCicco.

His birth mother left him at the hospital, and the first couple who planned to adopt him didn’t follow through with it after seeing the condition he was in. That is where Bill and DeAnne DeCicco come in.

They ended up adopting him. It wasn’t easy at first, but they proved that they were able to handle it, and they stayed by their little boy’s side.

9 The Clarks Adopted Seven Siblings

There are many couples out there who dream about having big families, and that is exactly what happened for Josh and Jessaka Clark. They had a biological child, but they also knew they wanted to adopt more children.

Then one day, they received a call about potentially adopting seven siblings. The children lived with them for about nine months before the adoption became official. Also, they had spent 1,359 days in the foster care system.

The day their adoption became official, the family celebrated with confetti horns and other party favors. They hope to bring in more children someday.

8 The Washingtons And The Houstons Took In Four Brothers

The Washingtons already had two children of their own, but they opened their home to three brothers whom they wanted to adopt. However, they were surprised to find out that the siblings had another brother who also needed a home to go to.

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They couldn’t take him in, but Julie Washington spoke to a friend of hers named Jay Houston, and the Houstons decided to take in the other brother. These days, the families spend holidays and birthdays together, and they also have family movie nights. They are living as one big family so the brothers can grow up together.

7 Millie Holloman Adopted Her Foster Daughter

It takes a village to raise a child. However, for one mom, it took a village to adopt her child.

Millie Holloman had just became licensed to be a foster parent when she first met 5-year-old Vera Wren Holloman, her future daughter. Eventually, Millie was able to adopt Vera, but it wasn’t an easy process.

In fact, the actual adoption journey involved many people. Also, since Millie is a photographer, she decided to do a photo shoot that included everyone who was involved in her daughter’s adoption. The images include the social worker, the attorney, and the judge who was involved.

6 The Lierows Adopted Dani

These days, Dani Lierow seems to be enjoying life. However, things were not always so easy for her. In 2005, Dani, who was 6-years-old at the time, had been living in severely unhealthy conditions. She had never even eaten solid food, as she had been fed from a bottle her whole life up until that point.

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The little one also could not walk or talk. Bernie and Diane Lierow saw her picture in a window, and they ended up adopting her in 2007. The couple provided Dani with the love and attention that she needed, even it wasn’t always easy.

5 A Teacher Adopted One Of Her Students

When children have a lot going on at home, they act out. That is where Linda Hooper and Cruz Riojas come in. Hooper was a school teacher, and she wasn’t fond of Riojas at first, since he had behavior issues. But as time passed, she later found out that things were not that great for Riojas at home, as he and his siblings were being mistreated.

The two started to develop a bond, and Riojas began to change. At 12-years-old, he moved in with the Hoopers. The adoption wasn’t final until many years later, but they were already a family.

4 The Baldwins Added Seven Children To Their Family

Jim and Katrina Baldwin were asked to foster two siblings. Later, the couple took in the rest of the children from that family. Their names are Lily, Tristin, Kamrin, Danny, Ryan, A.J., and Shanda.

It didn’t take long for the couple to consider adopting them. This decision was a relief for Shanda, who worried that she would be separated from her siblings, and that they would all be placed in multiple different homes. Jim and Katrina did not want to have to think about what it would be like to have the children leave, so they adopted all of them.

3 This Couple Changed Their Original Plan

Sarah and Stuart had only planned to be foster parents to young children. However, they met two boys that changed their minds forever. Not long after they became foster parents, the couple got a call about a 3-year-old boy who needed somewhere to stay for the weekend. He actually ended up staying with them for years, and they adopted him, and his name is Michael.

Then, they found out he had a teenage brother. They were hesitant about taking Dayshawn in, but their minds changed as soon as they met him. They also plan to adopt others in the future.

2 This Mom Was Her Son’s Surrogate

Some mothers do extremely amazing things for their sons. For example, 61-year-old Cecile Reynek Eledge just gave birth to her own granddaughter after she offered to be a surrogate for her son Matthew and his husband, Elliot. In fact, the event involved another family member as well. Elliot’s sister also helped to ensure that their dreams of becoming parents became a reality.

In the beginning, the only thing that seemed to be a problem was Cecile’s age. But fortunately, everything worked out well, and that was not an issue at all. The couple named their adorable new daughter Uma Louise.

1 This Nursing Director Adopted An Infant

When Liz Smith met baby Gisele a couple of years ago, she started to consider adoption. She didn’t have kids, and she also didn’t have the option of going through in vitro fertilization.

She wanted to be a mother, and Gisele, who was five months old at the time, needed a mom. The infant had been born in another hospital, and no one visited her during the first few months of her life. She had been transferred in order to receive the medical care that she needed. Smith adopted her, and now she enjoys dancing, as well as eating pizza.

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