Jennifer Lopez Launches A Subscription Box With Her Favorite Leggings

Listen, we have a moderately unhealthy fixation on Jennifer Lopez. We've loved her since her Fly Girl days, and every year she gets better and better. She's literally a fine wine! The acting/dancing/singing superstar is 49 years old, and somehow looks younger than anyone we know in their 20's and 30's. She's incredibly talented, gorgeous beyond measure, and by all accounts is incredibly generous and kind. Plus, she's an awesome mama who supports and loves her kids, and an amazing almost-stepmom to fiance Alex Rodriguez's kids, too.

There's pretty much nothing she can't do, and we're actually having a hard time thinking of something she doesn't already do! So when we heard that athleisure company Niyama Sol would be releasing a seasonal subscription box filled with goodies curated by Jennifer Lopez herself, we knew we had to share this very valuable information with our readers. We may not have J-Lo's body, but dammit, we can certainly have her leggings!

Niyama Sol is an apparel company inspired by the five Niyamas, which encourage yoga-friendly habits to live your most spiritual and enlightened life. They offer several different subscriptions boxes filled with goodies that support their message, and Jennifer Lopez happens to be a big fan of their leggings. So naturally, she teamed up with the brand to curate a limited edition box of a few of her favorite things.

The Santosha box sells for $95, and is valued at $200. Some of the items included in the box are exclusive and can't be found anywhere else. Included in the J-Lo box is a pair of Wild Thing leggings, made in Los Angeles from 84% recycled plastic (the leopard print just screams J-Lo, right?!). You'll also get butt masks from Bawdy Beauty, a rhodonite necklace from SoulKu, incense sticks from House of Intuition, a gorgeous pair of aviator sunnies from the JLo x Quay collection from Quay Australia, 'shroom samples from Four Sigmatic to help with your chill, and a cute little tote to remind you that you are freaking magical.

The whole thing is like Jennifer Lopez in a box: stylish, a little wild, totally free, and full of confidence. And at $95 for $200 worth of exclusive goodies?! It's a pretty sweet deal. Now if we could only do enough crunches to get that signature J-Lo booty in our Wild Thing leggings, we'd be set for life.

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