Nike Launches A Subscription Service For Kids' Shoes

Shopping kid's shoes is one of the worst parts of back to school season. Not too many kids like to sit still and try on up to a dozen new pairs of shoes. There aren't really too many ways to make shoe shopping fun, not even for kids who like to get a fresh pair of sneakers for the new year. Sneaker giant Nike is trying to find a way to make sneaker shopping more fun for everyone. They have a new subscription box service, Nike Adventure Club!

Kids get more control over what kind of shoes they want to wear, being able to choose between over 100 different Nike and Converse styles. Sizes range from 2 years old to 10 years old (4C to 7Y.) Depending on the frequency of your subscription, you get between four and 12 pairs of shoes a year. They range in terms of necessity from sportswear to seasonal options.

Nike Adventure Club has three payment tiers that are actually quite affordable. They have tiers to serve all of your kiddo's sneaker needs. The least expensive tier is $20 a month and you get four pairs a year. If your kids can get a good amount of wear out of a pair of sneakers, this would be a good option. Need shoes a little more often? It's $30 a month for six pairs a year. And if you're raising a kid who's a real sneaker head, there's the highest tier. For $50 a month, you get one pair a month, or 12 pairs by the end of the year. Once you become a member, you can upgrade, downgrade, or freeze your membership.

“It provides a wide range of options for kids, while at the same time, it removes a friction point for parents who are shopping on their behalf,” says GM of Nike Adventure Club, Dave Cobban.

And in addition to the shoes, kids get an "adventure box," filled with things to get your kids to take their new shoes out for a spin. Nike is pairing with non-profit organization KaBoom to encourage more outdoor play for kids.

But you may be thinking, "what happens to all the unwanted or returned shoes?" Fear not, Nike has a recycling program. When shoes are returned, Nike will assess them. If they are gently used and still in good condition, the company will donate them to a select group of non-profits orgs. And if they're just beyond repair, they will recycle them through their partnership with Nike Grind. Nike Grind takes the shoes and turns them into playground material.

Additionally, Nike will send you a prepaid shoe bag twice a year. You can fill that bag with any type of shoe from any shoe brand for recycling.  And if you don't want to wait for the bag to come, you can fill your Nike Adventure Club box with shoes and send it back.

Nike Adventure Club is up and ready for you to subscribe right now!

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