10 Nighttime Backyard Activities Kids Will Love

Summer is all about backyard fun for kids in the sun and at night. The backyard allows endless play for kids of all ages at any time of the year, but the best time for them to play is in the summer. Though your kids are probably already known for playing outside all day, how often do you let them play in the backyard at night? We are not saying to let them stay up all night long, but there are a lot of fun nighttime activities that you can do with your kids that they are sure to love. So keep reading to discover 10 nighttime activities you can do with your kids right in your backyard.

10 Sparklers

Sparklers are a great activity for older kids. Sparklers are a cheap item you can pick up at most grocery stores to allow your kids to have a fun magical night. With sparklers then can have fun spelling out their name or drawing their favorite animal in the night sky.

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Even though sparklers can be a great activity for kids, make sure that this is always an adult around when they are lit, because they can be dangerous if not handled correctly. So talk to your kids about how they can have responsible fun with sparklers.

9 Flashlight Tag

Tag is already a great game that kids can spend hours playing with their friends throughout the day. At night don’t let that fun die down, keep the game going and have your kids play flashlight tag. Flashlight tag is just like regular tag, but instead of physically touching someone they just shine a light on a person to become “it.” This game is great to play as an individual or in teams! So let the good times keep going into the night and hand out flashlights for your kids can play flashlight tag.

8 Shadow Puppets

One of the most interesting things that happen at nighttime is all the fun and crazy shadows that appear against walls in the dark. One of the best activities you can do with your kids is to create your own backyard shadow puppet theater against one the outside walls of your house.

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All you would need is a light, a sheet, and creativity. Of course, you can always make the classic hand shadow puppets, but that can be difficult for kids. So instead we recommend that you make cut out of different shapes and animals and attached them to popsicle sticks so your kids can create a fun show.

7 Catch Fireflies

Timeless nighttime activities that kids have been doing for generations are catching fireflies. Fireflies are some of the most magical animals that illuminate at night making it easy for kids to see them and try to catch them in jars. Your kids will love running around trying to see who can catch the most and they will love seeing them glow and fly away when you release them at night. Let your kids have fun and get some jars with little holes on the led so they can make some amazing memories at night.

6 Flashlight Dance Party

What kid doesn’t love to dance? That is why you need to hose a flashlight dance party for your kids. Create a playlist with all of their favorite songs and get little kid-friendly flashlights at the dollar store for the kids can dance within the backyard.

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The night sky is going to be a perfect backdrop for your kids as the light up the night while dancing with flashlights. You can join in with the fun with your kids or sit back to see the light show in action. Either way, you know you will be creating memories with them that they will cherish forever.

5 Glow Stick Fun

Glow sticks are one of the best items you can give a kid at night to provide endless fun. Glow sticks come in all colors so your little ones can choose their own one. There are even different types of glow sticks you can pick up like ones you can connect to make bracelets or headbands or even ones that are in the shape of animals! Glow sticks are the perfect fun for kids to run around the backyards as they try to create a glowing trail behind them by moving fast. Make sure to be a bunch of them so your kids can have fun all night long.

4 Campfire

It is not officially summer until you have a campfire in your backyard. Campfires are the best to sit around and relax as a family and of course, make smores with. The smell of firewood will surely bring back memories for your kids every time they catch a whiff of the burning wood.

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But if you are planning a campfire, make sure to talk to your little ones about the campfire rules to ensure a fun safe night. Talk to your kids about proper fire rules like no running or goofing around the fire and flames.

3 Glow-In-The-Dark Painting

Kids love arts and crafts and that is why we know that they will have a blast with glow-in-the-dark painting. Head to your local craft store to buy some glow-in-the-dark paint so your little ones can see what they are creating when the lights are out. We know that your kids will love painting in the dark and will love hanging their artwork on their walls. Every night they can look up at the glowing picture on their walls and think back to the fun times they had with their siblings being creative.

2 Camping

Sometimes life gets busy for us parents and we cannot do activities that we love to do with your kids. One of the most common summer activities that parents love to do with their kids is camping, but if your schedule doesn’t allow a whole week or weekend going on vacation to camp try backyard camping instead.

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Set up your tent in the backyard and pull out the sleeping bags for you and your kids can have their own campout. Even in the backyard, your kids are sure to have an amazing time spending time doing one of their favorite family activities.

1 Backyard Movie Theater

Going to the movie theater with your kids can be expensive after you buy the tickets, snacks, and drinks for each person and not everyone has that type of free money to spend. Instead invents in a projection player that connects to your laptop so you can create a backyard movie theater in your own yard.

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Get blankets for you and your kids can sit on and make sure to pop your own popcorn too to create a family fun at an affordable price. You can play movies that are on streaming services, check out movies from your library or even rent a movie for a night out. No matter what movie your kids are watching they will surely love your backyard theater.

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