Mom Says We Should Not Apologize For Noisy Kids

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So many parents toe the line between wanting to live their lives with their kids as authentically and joyfully as possible, and wanting to make sure their lives don't impede on anyone else's. It's so hard as a parent! Kids are messy, they're loud, they can be unruly and wild, and we want to encourage that. Honestly, it's one of the best parts of parenthood! But we've all been in a situation where our kids got us that look. You know the one we're talking about, right? One of your kids lets out a whoop or a belly laugh, and someone nearby shoots you a look that judges and chides you at the same time.

Certainly, there are situations where kids should be quiet and mindful, but they're kids! They're going to be noisy! Nicole Merritt, who blogs over at jthreeNMe, recently wrote a piece for the Today Parenting Team where she says she's not going to apologize for her noisy kids anymore, and encourages other parents to take the same approach.

Nicole says you may occasionally hear a belly laugh or yelling coming from her home, or in your home when her family is visiting, or at the market or in a restaurant, and she proudly claims that noise! According to Nicole, that noise is the sign of a happy family, living their lives unapologetically. That noise is the sound of her kids learning, or having fun. It's the sound of Nicole and her husband trying to create a life full of love and memories for their kids. It's the sound of courage, of kids bravely taking first steps or trying something on their own for the first time. It's the sound of LIFE, and they live it wherever they go.

Some people may take that noise as a sign of disrespect or disruption. But as Nicole says, there's nothing disrespectful or disruptive about a child or family navigating this life as best they can, while trying to make the most of it. It can be hard when we have to coexist with people everywhere we go, but the next time you hear the joyful (and loud) sounds of children somewhere you think they shouldn't be noisy, stop and consider the reason for the noise. Kids are going to be loud sometimes, they're kids, and we should encourage and support their growth and joy for as long as we can.

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