Viral Post Nails Why You Should Never Judge A Mom Using Food Stamps

Nicole Marso

The thing about making snap judgments about someone is that you never know what it's like to walk a mile in their shoes. Sure, a lot of us make assumptions about people based on a passing interaction or situation. But in reality, there's no way to know what that person is thinking or feeling or experiencing. There's no way to know what their life is like, if they're struggling or in need of support. So it's always better, 100% of the time, to keep your opinions and judgments (yes, judgments!) to yourself. A woman in Colorado shared a post on Facebook after witnessing one such judgment, and proved that we're all just trying to do the best we can, and anyone who feels the need to denigrate another person based on their perceived circumstances should just go away!

Nicole Marso was waiting in line at the self-checkout at a grocery store. In front of her was a young mother with three small kids, trying to juggle checking out with keeping her kiddos calm. Behind her was another woman, dressed well with a designer handbag and jewels on her hands. The woman behind Nicole apparently didn't like how long the mama was taking, and made an incredibly rude and insensitive remark when she used her EBT card to pay for her family's groceries.

The woman behind Nicole made a remark about the mama paying for her groceries with food stamps. The poor mom looked back at Nicole, who offered her encouragement and support (while probably trying to turn around and get into it with the rude lady behind her!). Nicole says that struck a nerve with her, because she was that mama once. She was the mom who paid for her family's groceries with food stamps, and used the self-checkout line to avoid the stares and stigma.

Nicole says she keeps her old EBT card as a reminder of what she's been through, and what it took to get her to where she is today. It's not a handout, and we should stop calling it that. It's a hand-UP, and so many families rely on that money to be able to feed their kiddos and still be able to pay their bills. So the next time you see someone pull out their EBT card at the grocery store, remember that not everyone has the same privileges you may have. Some people may need some help, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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