You Can Cover Your Food In Nickelodeon Slime Sauce All Over Again

slime sauce

Ahhhh, to be a kid growing up the 90's. What a magical time! The Simpsons and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Ecto-Cooler, slap bracelets, baby doll dresses with bike shorts and combat boots. They were simpler times! We all have amazing memories of being a kid in the last decade before the naughts. Remember Double Dare and all that slime?! What kid didn't beg their parents to take them to a taping in the hopes they'd be covered by that green goo? Well, now you can experience the awesomeness of slime all over again (and no, we're talking about the stuff your kids make and get stuck in their clothes and your carpet!). Guys, Nickelodeon Slime Sauce is here!

That's right, 90's kids! You can buy Nickelodeon Slime Sauce and douse your food in as much green goo as your heart desires. Think of the possibilities! Squirt some of this oddly-colored sauce on your hot dog and dip your fries in it. Go nuts! The slime sauce is basically just green ketchup, even though it looks like it's made of broccoli and not tomato paste.

Slime sauce is a collaboration between Nickelodeon and Walmart, of all places. A bottle of the green stuff can be yours for just under $3, but really, can you put a price on nostalgia or happiness? We think not. We know our own kiddos are too young to appreciate the days of Marc Summers and Double Dare, but is there a kid in the world who wouldn't love to dip their food into the equivalent of edible snot?

Speaking of Double Dare, the iconic trivia/physical challenge game show is gearing up for a major comeback! We sense a tie-in to the Slime Sauce at Walmart, and we're not mad about it. In case you've forgotten about the BEST GAME SHOW EVER, Double Dare pitted teams against one another in a series of trivia and messy physical challenges (the giant dripping nose was our favorite). One team advances to the epic obstacle course to try to win the big prize. Marc Summers won't be back to host, but will be giving "color commentary" during the challenges. So stock up on that Slime Sauce, and get ready to be slimed this summer when the show returns!

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