NFL Player Searches For Mom In Stands Not Realizing Mic Is On

Jerome Baker in Where's My Mama shirt

No matter how old you are, sometimes you just need your mom. Football player Jerome Baker proved that in a clip from a recent game that's gone viral. Baker, age 22 is a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins. In the clip, you can hear Baker at various points in the game asking if anyone has seen his mother Theodora.

Baker was wearing a mic for NFL Films and Showtime's show Inside the NFL, so you can hear him inquiring about his mother's location in the stands.

"Bro, where's my mama?" he asks some of his teammates. "I can't find my mama bro!"

As the clip progresses and the game goes on, he gets more worried about finding her. At one point, you can see him scanning the stands to see if he can find her. Even when he begins singing the Dolphin's fight song, he abruptly stops singing to ask, "Where the eff is my mama?"

It might seem silly that Baker is worrying so much about finding his mother. But he had reserved a ticket for his mom to see him play in Miami. It was his second game ever for the Dolphins and he really wanted to share it with her. And she had flown all the way from their hometown, Cleveland, to see him play. By the fourth quarter, he still couldn't find her.

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"We were winning, that's why I hoped she was there," Jerome Baker explained to the Sun-Sentinel. The game ended up being the first win for the Dolphins this season, breaking their 0-7 losing streak.

Baker feared that she missed the game because she was at his home making him a special dinner.

"My mom, she's older, she's about to retire," Baker said. "So I figured she cooked. She got tired. 'Oh, I'll just watch the game at home.' And I don't ever get mad at her for that."

Then halfway through the fourth quarter, Jerome Baker finally found his beloved mama. There she was sitting in section 103 at Hard Rock Stadium, watching him proudly.

"I just stood there until I found her," he said. "And it was weird because she was wearing this big orange shirt, and I should've found her sooner than that. But it all worked out."

Just as Baker had suspected, Theodora had in fact made him a special dinner at home. After making seven tackles to help the Dolphins win, he was tired, and fell asleep after dinner.

Thankfully, that game wasn't the only time his mom got to see him play. Baker got to return to his hometown when the Dolphins played the Cleveland Browns. And not only was his mom there to see him, but so was his dad, Jerome Baker Sr. did too. Unfortunately they didn't win this time, but he was still happy to have his family there.

"It's a sense of comfort," he told the Sun-Sentinel. "I'm a mama's boy. I love my family. So anytime they get to see me play live, it's a different feeling."

He's even capitalized on his sudden viral fame, making a "Where's my mama" tee shirt.

At least he has a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

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