NFL Player Humble Brags About Parenting Without Help (And Parents Can't Stop Laughing)

It's no secret that celebrities, athletes, and other people who make an insane amount of money can pay people to do just about anything for them. Watch one episode of E! News, and you'll hear references to celebrities' nannies, chefs, nutritionists, trainers, personal assistants, and much more.

Football player Antonio Brown- who has played in the NFL for years, but recently lost his contract with the New England Patriots- is now a free agent. If you're not familiar with sports, that means he's basically unemployed because he's not under contract with a team at the moment. Since hard times have fallen on him (insert eye roll here), the athlete took to Twitter to humble brag about all the things he's doing now that he doesn't have a disposable income.

In the tweet, Brown says that when he was in the NFL, he was able to pay people to do "everything" for him- to the point where it "literally handicapped" him. Now, he's cooking and shopping, and not relying on "nannies, chefs, trainers, or baby mamas"  to help him manage his home and take care of his kids. So, basically he's doing what pretty much every other parent does all day, every day.

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It didn't take long for people to start calling Brown out for his comments. One person said, "Welcome to real life...ain't nobody giving you props for being an adult." Another said, "bragging about being a real adult and father...good look." This sentiment was echoed by another person, who asked, "does Hallmark make a 'congratulations on being an adult' card?"

While this would be the point that most celebs would recognize their privilege and either apologize for the comment or delete it, Brown doubled down. He started retweeting the few people who showed support for his comment. The top portion of his Twitter page is full of random people who claim to support him. Even worse, he responded to a person who said, "Welcome to the real world, now imagine doing all of that and making 50k per year" by saying, "I [can't] imagine I had a bigger vision".

That's pretty tone-deaf for a guy whose release from the NFL came shortly after a second allegation of sexual misconduct came out against him.

One thing is for sure- if Brown is looking for sympathy (or praise), he's certainly not going to get it from anyone on Twitter.

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