Twin Sisters Reaching For Each Other Minutes After Birth Is So Pure

There's no doubt that twins share a special bond that others can't quite understand. Twins are often said to be able to "speak their own language" and even communicate without using words at all. They have a special bond that is forged from spending nine months in the womb together. A California based fitness and nutrition professional named Celi welcomed her own twin daughters just over a year ago, but a video featuring her girls showing just how strong the twin bond is, has recently gone viral.

Celi posted the sweet video of her daughters shortly after giving birth via c-section on August 1 of last year. In the video, Celi is laying on her hospital bed and her daughters have just been laid on her chest. While Celi is marveling at her two new gorgeous daughters, one of her girls reaches across Celi's chest instinctively for her sister, who then grasps onto her sister's hand. It is so pure to watch these newborn twins holding each other's hands during their first few moments outside of the womb.

If you think this may be common with twin births, it certainly doesn't appear that way. All of the doctors and nurses in the room can't quite believe what they are seeing and can't help but watch as the sisters reach for each other and hold each other's hands. "Oh look at them hold hands," one of the medical team says. "Oh my gosh, that's so precious," another woman can be heard saying. Voices around the room can be heard saying, "Oh my God that's going to make me cry," and "that's amazing!" "I've never seen them do that before, that's amazing!"

Twins have such a special connection it's no surprise these two were so eager to reach out to each other. Twin parents Dane and Lisa Lyman posted a similar video of their twin sons Weston and Caleb comforting each other shortly after birth as well. The twins are seen in the video crying for just a moment until the medical professionals place them so they were touching each other. Within a second both boys calmed down and stopped crying!

Feeling quite grateful this Easter Sunday. 5 weeks ago our twin boys Weston and Caleb joined the club. Shortly after...

Posted by Dane Lyman on Sunday, April 1, 2018

Awww! It's obvious that these twins and Celi's twins have a sweet bond that will last a lifetime. If you want to follow along with Celi and her twin girls she has a YouTube channel called Twinbaby Adventures where she posts videos ranging from fitness tips to being a twin baby mom!

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