Families Are Spending $800 A Day On A Very Specific Nanny

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There’s no doubt that a lot of parents share the same dream when it comes to parenting: they would love to have an in-house babysitter or nanny that can help them whenever the going gets rough with their kids. In other words, parents with multiple children could sure use a third pair of helping hands to make sure that the kids ate their dinner, did their homework, brushed their teeth and aren’t hiding their Nintendo Switch under their pillow before bedtime.

Luckily, dreams do come true because more and more parents are hiring this type of nanny that works 22 hours a day. Yes, you read that correctly: she’s on the clock for 22 hours. But of course, there’s a catch.

According to SheKnows, there are more and more families that are paying a whopping $800 a day for nurses to take care of their newborn babies. Many of these nurses work 22-hour shifts, which means they don’t get a wink of sleep while you get to finally catch up on yours. Many of these round-the-clock nurses charge from $600 to $800 a day, but others get paid even more if they are expected to take care of twins or triplets.

These 22-hour nurses are also nannies, licensed practical nurses or registered nurses. In most cases, they are also mothers themselves, which means that they are taking time away from their own children to work for other families.

But with that being said, 22-hour nurses and nannies are in hot demand. Seth Norman Greenberg, who is Vice President of domestic staffing at Pavillion Agency, says that many families are opting to hire baby nurses for as long as they can. Why? Because many are either expected to go back to work or would rather see their child have in-house care then send them to a daycare.

Greenberg recently told Business Insider, “Whereas most of my baby nurse cases in the past, up until a few years ago, would last between one and three months, now they're lasting between six and nine months.”

So what do 22-hour nurses do? It depends on the parents’ needs, but in general they help keep the baby’s room clean, make sure that the baby is on a regular sleep schedule and make sure that they are as flexible as possible to meet the parents’ scheduling needs. It’s an intensive childcare routine, but for so many moms and dads who are expected to go back to work with little or no maternity care, it’s their only solution.

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