10 Ideas To Keep The Spark Alive With Your Partner During The Newborn Stage

When you welcome a new baby into the world, all of a sudden your energy, time and love seems to exclusively flow right into their little lives. This is completely normal, but it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Not only is it difficult enough to find time to shower yourself, it can be straining on any healthy relationship.

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Suddenly, you're left to balance your life and your love in a whole new way. It's very common for the early days of parenthood to be difficult on partnerships. Because of this, we have compiled 10 simple ways to keep the spark alive during the newborn stage. Read ahead for some inspiration and ways to keep that magic alive and well.

10 HUG

Hugging is a great way to connect. Ensuring that you hug one another at least once a day will be comforting on so many levels. Though in the early days of parenthood, you may feel a bit touched-out.

You're likely holding your newborn 23 hours out of the day and smell worse than you have in years. However, the odd moment you have to hug your partner will sometimes be enough reminder that they're there for your emotional, spiritual and physical support. Hugging is a great way to keep that spark alive, and it's super simple!


Yes, though hugging every day can be a great way to re-connect, having a 'plan' may be best when your days seem to meld together. If you promise one another, no matter the energy that your day has brought, to kiss before you hit the hay, this may be enough to keep the magic alive in your partnership.

Physically reconnecting in the loving way is a great way to end the day and remember each other's importance.


In the early days of parenthood, especially after giving birth, it may be difficult to get out of bed. We're not suggesting you creatively curate a perfect picnic like the one showed above, but we are suggesting you take the time out of binge-watching your netflix show to have a picnic with your partner.

Whether you have the picnic in bed, on the living room floor or in the backyard (weather permitting), having a meal of something other than coffee and toast together will feel magical.


Yes, we're sure we don't have to tell you twice. Grab your phone, call your favorite take-out joint and get a meal for yourselves that you don't have to slave away in the kitchen to make. It's the newborn stage, people. The last thing you likely want to do is make a meal and clean up afterwards.

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Perhaps the kitchen is already a mess of dishes. That's perfectly okay! We're just here to validate your reasoning behind taking out a meal every once in a while. By "once-in-a-while," we mean every other day, if that's how it has to be. Ensuring you have more time for each other may be more important than spending that time on dishes. That's definitely okay too!


Yes, it can be as simple as helping one another. This could look very different for every couple. It could mean putting the child to sleep if the other partner does it more often. It could mean going grocery shopping with the newborn if the other parent needs some alone time at home.

It could even mean bringing home flowers just to lift your love's spirit. Anything you can do that you believe will help your partner is a great way to keep the spark alive between you two. Well, now three (or more).


No, not like that. You've likely been given direction not to be intimate until at least 6 weeks after natural delivery. You're lucky to get a shower in, even by yourself. If you do, it likely comes along with a crying baby only feet away from the shower.

If you have five minutes once the child is asleep to have this time together, it is a great way to keep the spark alive. To just feel connected. To have some time together, to feel close and share a moment or two.


There's nothing more challenging than cooking or baking with your partner, but, there's also nothing better to challenge your teamwork skills and ability to work together as a team. Plus, you get something pretty yummy in return!

So, decide on which meal to prepare. Perhaps you know your newborn is happiest in the mornings, so you make waffles together. Regardless, making a meal together as partners is a great way to keep that magic in your partnership alive. Give it a shot!


This sounds so mundane, but holding hands, whether it's in bed or on an early morning walk, can be a great way to keep connected. Though your minds may not be thinking of the same thing, you may be juggling a thousand things at once, holding hands while you're in the moment together is a great way to keep the spark alive between you two in the early days of parenthood.

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It doesn't matter if you're feeding your newborn from the bottle, or if you're just watching a movie in bed. Holding hands is a simply way to show your love towards one another.


Other than baby-talk, that is. We all know that baby-talk will seem like your new vocabulary that's used more than regular, adult conversation, but you can still branch out a little!

You may be around your child more than your partner during the day, and that can get to you just as it does anyone else. So when you're around your partner, try to talk about everyday things other than those that involve the new baby. Whether it's a conversation about local news (we suggest positive stuff to lower your anxiety because the world's a scary place- welcome to parenthood) or the new restaurant you're dying to try once your newborn can be baby-sat, conversing with your partner about things other than the baby will be refreshing enough to keep that spark alive.


We know how stressful nighttime feeds and daytime coddling can be. The newborn will cry, they will fuss, and sometimes it's not just physically exhausting to handle on your own. It can be extremely, emotionally tiring to do these everyday tasks alone.

Yes, there will be times when you need to do these things solo, but there are moments where it's important to have the support of your partner. So, we suggest trying to accomplish tasks together to remind yourselves that you're there for one another. This may be enough to keep that spark alive.

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