10 Things That Will Humble You As A New Parent

Parenthood will absolutely bring you down to earth, in some way or another. Whether it's letting go of guilt you had before taking on the responsibility of a child, or resisting the urge to feel insecure about something you now think is simply silly, becoming a parent changes your perspective in more ways than one. It is just as beautiful as it is scary, but, it sure does allow you to see more clearly and appreciate simplicity at its finest.

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Find below a list of 10 things that will humble you when you discover the scary, beautiful truths of parenthood. If you've yet to experience them, be sure to prepare, as they will come into your journey at some point.

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There's just something about a baby's laugh. It could be their genuine happiness, their cute, little face shining with light or the reminder not to take much too seriously. When your child laughs, especially at a young age, you come to quickly realize how simple life's pleasures truly can be.

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It's a bit of magic, truly. So, take in every baby laugh that you can. Remember life's special moments. A baby laugh is sure to humble you.


When your child practices their manners, it reminds you of how good of a job you're doing as a parent. Whether you've taught them how to respond with "please" and/or "thank you" or they've picked it up from a child care provider's lesson, you have made a good choice.

When your child implements manners in their day-to-day life without having to be begged to do so, it's incredibly humbling. It's sincere, and it's sweet. Hearing your child perfect their manners never gets old.


This non-stop task may seem like a nasty situation, but it sure does humble you. It's a *pleasant* reminder of how dependent on you your child truly is. It reminds you of where you once were, and can also allow you to gain appreciation for your past caretaker(s).

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Changing diapers may seem annoying from time to time, but it is necessary to reflect on how much your child needs you and your help. Not only are you there for emotional and spiritual support, you are too there to assist in their needs that they can not take care of. It's quite humbling.


Before parenthood, you would likely prepare meals for friends and family on occasion. Preparing a meal for yourself may have brought you joy. It may have just been an everyday task that you did not think too hard about. But, now as a parent and/or guardian, you are constantly ensuring your child is well fed. You are responsible for their overall nutrition.

You need to keep an eye on their intake, what they're eating and how. It's a big responsibility that seems to never end. Preparing your child's meals can be quite humbling in the way that it forces you to be patient with their dietary restrictions (whether chosen or otherwise), and it reminds you that you too were once dependent on another to keep you alive and well.


Homework can be an incredibly humbling task. As adults, we seem to get into our own heads from time to time. We often focus on our careers and/or passions that we excel at. Often, we don't try and focus on subjects and industries that do not suit us best. So, when your child brings home an algebra equation that is more complicated than you had anticipated, it reminds you of where you came from.

It reminds you of how far you've come to discover what you, yourself, became good at. Usually, it's right in front of your face since childhood; however, many of us don't discover it until well into our lives. The simple task of assisting in your child's homework is quite humbling in this regard.


What is cuter than answering a very innocent, yet deep question from a little one? From "where do babies come from?" to "do you believe in aliens?" Something so innocent and creative can spark a conversation that may last hours. Life is complicated. The beautiful thing about childhood is that they've yet to see this first-hand.

For children, many of them live in the moment, often unlike their parents. Raising children is incredibly humbling. It reminds us to keep life simple, to live with good intention and to raise our children to become curious, smart individuals. When they ask these innocent questions, it reminds us parents of how incredible these little humans truly are.


Siblings will fight; there's no doubt about it. But, it's magic when you watch them resolve an argument independently. Not only will this be great practice for "the real world," but it will give you insight into how exactly they resolve conflict.

Whether they apply techniques that you've taught, or they simply judge for themselves which approach to take, watching your children resolve conflict together is very humbling.


This is an incredibly small, yet powerful moment which many of us parents experience. It may be a little spark of joy or sentiment when we fold our child's itty-bitty clothes during laundry. It's very humbling. It reminds us how fragile yet precious life truly is.

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You can't deny the small (or very large) amount of happiness is brings when you pick up a NB-sized onesie at the store, let alone in your own household. They. Grow. Fast. Enjoy the small moments while you can.


Truly, any moment of authentic emotion is very humbling. Children simply do not filter; it's quite beautiful. As we age, we generally learn how to control our feelings to show them during "appropriate" times.

When you watch your child become upset over something minor or huge, it's incredibly humbling to see how pure they are with how they feel. It's important to encourage them to express their emotion without shame; so, when they do this, be supportive, be loving. They're just trying to figure it all out.


As mentioned above, babies, toddlers and children experience the utmost joy in the simplest things. Have you every purchased a large toy that arrived in a giant box? Now, reflect on how much time was spent on that expensive toy compared to the big, old box. Children love life's simple pleasures.

Their memories will not be of their big, beautiful house they grew up in. They will remember the moments that made them feel best at every stage in their life. So, watching your child experience joy is so incredibly humbling. It's the most rewarding feeling on Earth. Well, one of them, at least.

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