Tips To Help New Moms Make "Mommy Friends"

Becoming a new mom is both exciting and a bit nerve-racking as you explore this new territory. Which diapers are best? How often should your baby be napping? While these are some questions new moms may encounter, there is one less frequently discussed issue: how do you make mommy friends?

Mommy friends are parents who are going through the same phases as you when it comes to raising little ones. Raising kids can be quite the challenge and having someone who knows exactly what you're going through can help in these situations.

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Your life-long friends may be sympathetic to your all-nighters with a screaming 1-year-old, but they may not grasp the magnitude of your struggles. And that's where mommy friends come in. It's nice to have a few women to call and vent to about how fast your baby outgrew those cute outfits, or to have someone to grab a quick coffee with during baby's nap time.

Unfortunately, it's not as easy to make friends as an adult, but that's why we have 10 tips to help all new moms establish a "mommy friends" group!

10 Join A Pregnancy Group

Be proactive! If you are currently the first or only friend from your group expecting a baby, then go ahead and join a pregnancy group or two! These can be found online, or you can ask your obstetrician for suggestions. Your hospital may even offer one. Going through your pregnancies together is sure to result in a friendship as you welcome your little ones and navigate the waters of being a first-time mommy.

9 Go To Mommy & Me Yoga

Even if you did not practice yoga before having your baby, it's never too late to start! Check your favorite yoga studio for mommy and me classes. Not only is this a fun and healthy way to bond with your baby, but it's also great for meeting other new moms.

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Mommy and me yoga is a specific class dedicated to moms and their babies. So you need to find a sitter! These classes allow you to get out and socialize with other new moms who may share some interests or have other things in common, such as raising a baby.

8 Start A Preschool Social Group

Once your child is preschool age, you will have a whole new pool of possible friends! While your little ones are bonding and learning at school, you and the other moms can form a social circle for yourselves! Suggest meeting for a quick coffee, or running errands together to get the group going. This allows you to form a friendship while still getting that to-do list done when the kids are busy. Plus, you now have someone to laugh with about the latest things your toddlers are doing.

7 Download The Meetup App

Technology is amazing, so don't be afraid to use it! There are apps you can download to help you meet the love of your life, so of course there are apps to help parents make friends!

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The Meetup app, in particular, allows you to search for common interests and certain groups. Not only are there mommy groups you can join, but there are also events you can drop by when you have time! The best part is the fact you can even bring your youngsters along!

6 Take Advantage Of Family Nights In The Community

Certain communities offer family nights- nights that may have discounted prices, special events, or focus on younger crowds. Your local library, zoo, or church may host a monthly or even weekly family night. Some parks offer movie nights during the warmer months, or there may be family nights during annual festivals and carnivals to check out. Take advantage of them!

Family nights mean plenty of people to meet and chat with as you wait in line or sit and enjoy dinner out. Who knows, you may hit it off with someone who becomes your best mommy friend!

5 Get Your Kid Into Sports

It may seem like your baby is too young to be active just yet, but that's false! Today, swimming lessons for infants as young as 6 months are being offered as well as gymnastics classes. Of course, this means the parent needs to help their little one with their tumbling, but it's still fun and so cute!

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As an added bonus, these places are great ways to meet other moms. Not only can you mingle with other moms during meets, but you can form friendships as sports typically have a weekly schedule, which gives you plenty of opportunities!

4 Scroll Through Your Facebook Friends

There was a reason you befriended all those old high school pals on Facebook and becoming mommy friends may have been it! Sure, you haven't talked to them in a few years, but now is the time to reconnect. A quick scroll through your friends list will show you who has kids now, and it's perfect because you guys already know each other and now have this one thing in common!

Send a quick message complimenting their kid and let them know you're available for a play date. This is a great and easy way to use the resources you already have at your finger tips!

3 Join Facebook Mommy Groups

Okay, so maybe you don't have a ton of Facebook friends having kids, or maybe you would rather keep your Facebook friendships strictly to online likes and comments. That's when you simply hunt around Facebook for other mommy groups to join!

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There are so many different groups out there from helping new mothers adjust to helping parents with potty training. Seriously, so many parenting groups! Find one that suits your needs and personality and get to chatting! You may even find some of the members are located in your area and can plan to meet in person! If not, it's always nice to have a place to talk with parents dealing with the same things you are.

2 Be More Social During Outings

You're already going for walks and to the park, so you may as well make the most of your outings! Compliment a stranger and ask how old their baby is to get the ball rolling. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn other new moms are also looking for someone to chat with during those outings! Of course, this same idea applies to other community outings as well.

1 Take Parenting Classes

While you may have this parenting thing down perfectly, it doesn't hurt to drop by a class once in a while\. It's a fun and unique way to meet other new parents who may appreciate sharing advice and stories over coffee. Not to mention how fun these classes can be! Baby groups may seem outdated, but like Facebook groups, there's something for everyone.

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