New Allergy-Friendly App Tells You Restaurant’s Food And Ingredients

For every individual or family with children suffering from food allergies, going out to eat can be tricky territory to navigate, especially if you're visiting a new restaurant for the very first time. But even if you're visiting a restaurant you know and love, there is always still some worry that can cross your mind, as restaurants can often change ingredients. If you live your life worrying about these issues, a new app has just been created that will take a whole lot of stress out of your life.

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The new app is called CertiStar, was created by an Arizona based company, it is a patent-pending restaurant software that has set out to make eating out at restaurants a much easier experience for people with food allergies. With 200,000 people needing medical care, due to reactions to food allergies on a yearly basis, this will help so many people.

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Pretty amazing if you ask us.

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The software they created can work on staff phones, host computers, on point-of-sale systems, websites, and restaurants WiFi connection screens. This makes it accessible to everyone. They have also shared, that it can help with training of staff as well as calculate nutrition information.

The way that it works seems simple enough to use on the fly, too. With the program containing all of the menu items and what ingredients are inside, in a few simple clicks the servers will be able to input what allergen their patron needs to avoid. Then, CertiStar generates the menu in a color coded way: green means it's safe, yellow means changes can be done to make it safe, and red are items the customer should avoid.

So far, they are being used by a number of different restaurants such as Joe’s Real BBQ, What’s Crackin’ Cafe, Oscar’s Pier 83 and Chompie’s.

Shandee Chernow, the founder of CertiStar, says, “Everyone deserves to eat great food, but everyone also deserves to be confident in their food safety, including those suffering from food allergies. Eat well and eat safe.”

The company is thinking even bigger for the future, too. They currently have an option that is available to schools, which would dramatically make a difference in the cafeteria. Currently, restaurants can sign up for a 14-Day Free Trial to see if the program works for them.

Using this new technology, families will no longer need to rely on the waiters and staff only to know every single ingredient in their meals.

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