Our Favorite Lady Comedians Made A Movie About Wine And Friendship

What's better than a weekend away with your girlfriends? Not much. Putting in some quality time with our besties is a surefire way to make the pressures of life disappear, even if only for the span of 48 hours. And sometimes, that's all we need, time to reconnect with the ones who know us the best and mean the most to us. Adult life is so hard — but our besties always have our back. So that's why we're so excited about this new Netflix movie, directed by superstar Amy Pohler, about a group of friends who take an epic trip through Wine Country.

The comedy, aptly called Wine Country, is Pohler's directorial debut. And she's clearly pulling out the big guns. And those big guns are some of her former SNL co-stars, including Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch (yes, Tina Fey also makes an appearance.) Pohler's character Abby gets the idea to plan a 50th birthday for her friend Rebecca. And what better idea than to have a classy girls trip up to Napa? As you can imagine, it is likely to not be as "classy" as Abby expects. The rest of the cast includes Emily Spivey, Paula Pell and Cherry Jones.

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It's clear that Abby is the leader of the group — she hands out by the minute itineraries to the group at the start of the trip. We all have that one friend who wants everything to be perfect. But it looks like she learns to loosen up over the course of the film.

As to be expected, there are going to be some seriously funny moments. Just in the brief trailer, we get to see all the women rolling down a very grassy hill. And as Maya Rudolph's character tries to serenade her friend with the classic Bangles tune "Eternal Flame," she gets through one line before she falls off the piano.  Though we don't see what happens next, Ana Gasteyer's character pulls out a baggie of Molly, so shenanigans definitely go down.

Wine Country looks like it will be more than just a slapstick comedy. These women have been friends for 20+ years, so they know how to push each other's buttons. Expect examination of friendship and what it looks like when you've been friends for so long. And how adulthood changes us, but our girls always have our backs. And a lot of laughs.

Wine Country drops on Netflix May 10th, with limited theatrical engagements starting on May 8th.

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