Netflix Just Casually Revealed A Hack That Literally No One Knew Existed


If you're anything like us, you sometimes get lost down the dark hole of Netflix scrolling. There's so many option and so many awesome shows and movies to discover that it can be overwhelming. And sometimes we have something in mind that we really want to watch (or a begging toddler at our feet who is yearning for a new show), but it's just not available.

Turns out that Netflix just revealed a hack that no one really knew existed that could change this situation for parents everywhere. Yes, it's time to rejoice.

Honestly, there is nothing worse than needing a few minutes of downtime to do everything on our mom list during the day and hoping that your child will watch a show on Netflix - only to find they aren't interested in anything they currently have playing. (Yes, we cried when Zootopia left, too.) It's horrible. We silently wish that their favorite show would magically appear, and until not, that seemed like a far-off dream. But, it might not be with this new hack.

The amazing hack is so simple and has quite literally been hiding underneath our noses this entire time. If you go to the help page while logged into your Netflix account, they have a 'request a title' option where you can ask for a specific show or movie that you love to be added to the Netflix offerings.

Ah-mazing. Disney shows all around.

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So how was this news revealed to the world? Someone queried, asking why comedian and Brooklyn 99 alumni Chelsea Peretti wasn't on the service, via Twitter last week. The official Netflix account from the Philipines responded with a very casual, " You know the drill” and a link to the request page." Minds were then blown everywhere.

Obviously, this has everyone, everywhere going through the endless options of possibilities in our minds to conjure up the most epic watch list ever. In fact, we kind of feel like we have some power when it comes to what might actually be shown on our favorite streaming device. The feature allows Netflix to easily keep track of the popularity of shows they have yet to acquire, so if you're very interested in a specific title, make sure you rally all your friends together to get requesting.

And if you were wondering if the amount of time that one person makes a single request for a show or movie counts or can add up, Netflix has noted on their help page that it does not, saying, "we keep track of all requests from our members, so there's no need to request a title more than once."

Huge thanks to Netflix, from moms everywhere.

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