A New Netflix Original Series Is Coming, And It's Perfect For Little Kids

Did you play with Colorforms® as a kid? Well chances are, even if you didn't, you’ve likely heard of the popular toy brand. And, now, the classic toy is being brought to life in the Netflix original series, Charlie’s Colorforms City.

The series, now streaming on Netflix, follows the recognizable Colorforms® logo icon as the main character, Charlie. Leading kids on shape filled adventures, the series will definitely appeal to younger children with its bright colors and adorable characters. And, for parents, it's always exciting when something new gets introduced into our kids' viewing repertoire.

Alongside Charlie are his best friends, Red and Violet who happen to be twins. All three characters offer unique approaches to creativity, which lends itself to multiple ideas and friendly collaboration. Although each one will offer a different options, the characters work together to come up with a solution that incorporates all of their ideas!

The series aims to encourage children’s creative side, by telling imaginative stories, solving problems in various ways and using their natural ability to explore and apply big ideas to the real world.

Colorforms® was founded in 1951, when two art students, Harry and Patricia Kislevitz began experimenting with a flexible vinyl material. Uncomfortable with the price of paint, they decided to purchase rolls of colorful vinyl and began cutting out shapes that stuck to the walls of their bathroom. When interest arose from friends, they realized they had come up with a unique and entertaining idea.

Colorforms® were one of the first plastic based creative toys and one of the first toys advertised on television. Its popularity quickly grew, and in in 1957, Popeye became the first licensed character to be featured in a cartoon set. And, from The Smurfs to Paw Patrol, the toy has truly stood the test of time.

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Named one of the top 100 Toys of all time by Time magazine, the toy centers itself around creative thinking, self-expression and experimenting through story based play. With its brightly colored vinyl shapes that can be used over and over again, Colorforms® allows for endless fun and imagination.

We love shows that encourage imagination and problem solving, and we look forward to cuddling with our littles and enjoying the adventures of Charlie and his crew! But, keep in mind that there is only one season so, when your kids fall in love with the show, it may just continue playing on repeat. Fingers crossed that season two will come along soon.

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