Netflix New Year’s Eve Countdowns Are Back To Help Sneaky Parents

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Ah, New Year's Eve is here! A night of revelry and celebration, where everyone gets dressed up and goes out and parties until the wee hours of the morning! Or, if you're a parent, basically a night like any other when you really just want to get your kiddos in bed at a decent hour. That's hard to do when the whole idea of NYE is staying up until midnight to ring in the New Year! But once your kid learns how to tell time, all bets are off. Suddenly they're night owls who can totally party until midnight, even though you wanted to be in bed two hours earlier. So what's a mom or dad to do? Well, you can always change all the clocks in your house and tell a little white lie (no judgement here!). Or, you can keep the TV on Netflix and have yourselves an early countdown! The streaming network is offering some early countdown options again, to help parents get kids in bed after an age-appropriate celebration at a decent hour.

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As they have in years past, Netflix will be streaming several early countdowns for the minor set. These short 3-4 minute videos of your kids' favorite characters are perfect little snippets of the New Year's Eve countdown, and will get them ready for the New Year hours before the real ball drops!

In previous years, the countdowns have been geared toward the really small viewers, with cartoons and toddler-preschool shows. But this year, there are 14 different options, including some for the tween set! The countdown shows are available now so you can quickly watch them and pick a couple of favorites for the big night. You can choose from shows for your littles, like Boss Baby, Super Monsters, Beat Bugs, Larva Island, Motown Magic, and True and the Rainbow Kingdom. But you can also choose from shows that cater to your tweens, which is a nice option! Alexa & Katie, Fuller House, Prince of Peoria, and Tales of Arcadia all have New Year's Eve countdowns you can watch hours before the real deal. It's a great option for parents who want to hit the sack early themselves, or maybe just want to ring in the New Year alone.

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