New Netflix Show 'Motown Magic' Introduces Kids To Old School Soul Music

Motown Magic

Music is such a fun way to not only get our kiddos up and moving, but also a way to bond. Sharing the music that we loved when we were young with our kids gives them insight into who  we were before we became their parents. Kids tend to gravitate to movies and shows with music (how many times have we all had to listen to the soundtracks to Trolls?), and it's always fun to introduce them to something new. There's a new show for kids coming to Netflix called Motown Magic, that will introduce a new generation to the era of classic soul.

From the same creative team that created Beat Bugs(which introduced kids to the music of The Beatles) for Netflix, Motown Magic will give kids a taste of another genre of music from the 1960s and 1970s. Using some of Motown's most classic songs, kids will learn about the joys of creativity, magic and instilling in them a love for music. Executive produced by Motown's living legend Smokey Robinson, kids and their parents are in for a total treat with this new show.

“I was raised on the music of Motown, and always found it incredibly inspirational and culturally important,” said writer, director and creator Josh Wakely in the press release.

Motown Magic focuses on a little boy named Ben, an eight-year-old with a big heart and a lot of imagination. He uses his magic paintbrush to bring life and color to his city, Motown, through street art. The show is being produced by a diverse cast and crew, which is so important when dealing with such a large catalog of soul music. Ben is voiced by 11 year old Zacary James, who also sings the show's theme song, a cover of the Jackson 5 classic "ABC." You can see Zacary recording the theme and talking about his love of Motown music in the video clip below.

Though the show teaches kids about the power of imagination and heart, the music is what will keep them hooked. Motown Magic will be comprised of 11 minute episodes that incorporate themes and characters of classic Motown songs. 52 songs have been re-recorded for the show, including hits by artists like Smokey Robinson, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder and The Temptations. Classic songs like "My Girl," "Superstition," and "Please Mr. Postman," are re-imagined by artists like Ne-Yo, Skylar Grey and Calum Scott.

“It’s always time to introduce the music of Motown to a new generation, and Josh Wakely has the creativity and the vision to entertain families all over the world,” Smokey Robinson said.

Credit: Beck Media

If you're ready to have a hand clapping, foot tapping good time with your littles, check out Motown Magic on Netflix starting November 20th!

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