Neon Makeup Seems To Be The Hottest Trend Right Now

When it comes to makeup trends, we have sort of a love/hate relationship with them. On the one hand, we absolutely love keeping up with new beauty and makeup trends. They're so fun, and some of the people in the makeup world are so incredibly talented, it really is like an art form! On the other hand, we really hate how most of them won't work on us. We really WANT to be able to contour or fill in our brows so they look realistic, and trust us when we say that we would kill to be able to wear a bright purple lipstick without looking like a clown. But when your daily schedule includes several trips to the preschool and grocery store and you live in leggings and a messy bun, full makeup just isn't in the cards most days.

However, once in a while a makeup trend comes along that is easy enough for us to manage. But the question is: is it one that we want to actually wear? Neon makeup is the hottest thing in the makeup world at the moment, but we'll admit, we're still a bit on the fence with this one.

We were definitely raised to believe that less is more when it comes to makeup. So how exactly can bright green eyeliner or neon pink eyeshadow be less?? Neon makeup is everywhere right now. It's all over MUA accounts on Instagram, and the red carpet at the last Met Gala was full of bright eyes and bold hues on the faces of attendees. Now, the theme for that event was Camp, so we're not sure how we feel about partaking of a makeup trend that fit such an outlandish theme so well. But we'll admit: in some cases, this neon makeup trend is kind of spectacular.

Turns out, you can do less is more, even when the colors you're working with are THE MOST. Rhianna modeling that touch of neon green on her eyes? Amazing. The key to neon makeup is to use it as an accent. In other words, don't cover your eyelids with shocking pink or yellow.

Instead, you want a swath here, a swoop there. The intended effect in an unexpected pop of bright color to liven up your face. And skip the sparkles if you're going to attempt this - you're looking for matte, opaque formulas to keep it from looking like you just stepped out of the disco in 1981.

We have to admit, we're kind of loving the lime green liner that Rhianna is rocking. Maybe we'll work up enough courage to try it this summer!

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