Neighbors Wrote Dad Rude Note Calling His Autistic Son’s Toys An 'Eyesore'

One father has been left reeling after receiving a hurtful letter from a neighbor, according to 7 News Boston. Ian Gregario's three-year-old son, Rylan, has Autism Spectrum Disorder. As any parent with an autistic child well knows, they can take great comfort in simple things. For Rylan, it's the toys in his front yard in Milton, Mass. The toddler adores his play castles and sandbox, but one anonymous neighbor doesn't.

Gregario was shocked to receive a letter from a fellow resident, who didn't leave their name. Clearly irked by the small collection of toys in someone else's yard, the John (or Jane) Doe didn't hold back. It read, “Hey hoarders! Give the proud property owners here in Milton a break and remove all the dumper diving children’s play stuff you have scattered all over your lawn. It’s an eyesore to the neighborhood and if we called the Board of Health they might determine it to be unsanitary and condemn the whole mess!”

As if the letter wasn't upsetting enough for the Gregario family, the disgruntled neighbor did call the Board of Health. When the officials investigated, they found nothing untoward with the colorful collection of children's toys. Some members of the community have sided with the poison pen letter, while others have expressed their well-wishes to the family. Gregario maintains that his only worry is his son's welfare. Seeing how happy he is when he plays in his front yard is enough for the doting dad, who has Rylan's best interests at heart. The word is still out on who the salty scribbler is.

Although insulted by the note, Gregario is standing his ground. Needless to say, the toys are staying right where they are for the tot to enjoy, regardless of what anyone else thinks. While rare, these instances are not uncommon. America has long-since held an obsession with lawn maintenance. Some communities even have rules that stipulate how long grass in a yard can be. When it comes to yard sales, there are often restrictions on how many one property can have per year, according to bob vila.

Let's hope that Rylan adds to his collection of toys over the course of the next few months so he can play to his heart's content.

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