86 Percent Of Young People Aspire To Become A Social Media Influencer, Study Says

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The world has a modern dream: everybody wants to be an influencer! And who can blame them? This newly rising career brings in big bucks. Plus, practically anyone with a WI-Fi connection can rise to fame.

Once upon a time, kids had their sights set on becoming astronauts or maybe the President of the United States. As they grew, some diverged into desiring lives as engineers, artists, or paleontologists. Others were set on becoming professional athletes or Top 40 musicians.

Kids today just want to be Instagram famous.

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According to a new study, 86 percent of young Americans aspire to be a social media influencer. This is not just about teenagers either. The study included children and adults ranging from age 13 to age 39.

A social media influencer promotes products through their chosen social media platform. When an influencer has a large following, companies will pay up. Influencers are becoming the world's new form of advertising.

So just how much can you make as a social media influencer? According to the influencer agency Viral Nation,  a post can earn you $10,000 if you have up to one million followers. When your following grows even further, you can make more like $100,000. If you're into gaming and your following is on YouTube, you could potentially make up to $250,000 per post.

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The study also found that teenagers today find influencers just as recognizable as popular sports stars and other traditional celebrity figures. However, they put more trust in the influencers. So really, influencers are more valuable to marketers than any other types of public figures out there.

If your kid wants to be an influencer when he grows up, don't worry that he isn't choosing a "noble" profession. First off, masses of young people have always sought fame and money. Not all of them will reach it, but some will. These days, kids have more of a chance to reach their dreams than ever before.

Out of the 84 percent of young people who want to be an influencer, just 11 percent said they already are. So go ahead and encourage your future influencer, but maybe encourage her to also have a Plan B.

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