Mark Your Calendar For Old Navy's $1 Flip Flop Sale

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There are a few things that happen every year that symbolizes the kick off of summer. The summer solstice is one, the end of the school year another, and Old Navy’s $1 flip flop sale is right up there.

Families with kids love Old Navy because it allows them to dress their kids in fashionable clothing without breaking the bank. And not only can you outfit your kids for everything from pool days to school days at Old Navy, but mom and dad can do their shopping as well.

If your family lives in flip flops over the summer then you need to mark this weekend in your calendar and make sure you hit your local Old Navy early this Saturday. The store is offering their annual $1 flip flop sale which they’ve called the One Dolla Holla sale, and that’s a deal that every parent will want to take advantage of for their kids and themselves.

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Solid colored flip flops will be marked down to $1 for one day only, Saturday June 23rd, while the patterned flip flops will be marked down to $2 a pair. It’s the perfect excuse to pick up a pair to match literally every summer outfit you have. Just be warned, Old Navy sets their flip flop limit at 10 pairs per customer, so if you really want to stock up on flip flops for every outfit and occasion, make sure to bring a few friends along.

The $1 flip flop sale began in 2005 and Julie Luker, director of PR and partnerships at Gap Inc. and Old Navy once told Refinery29 that the event is so popular that customers begin asking about that year’s date as early as September! Forbes also reported that the famous $1 flip flop sale has been so successful it's only second to Black Friday in single day sales.

Those who are ready to capitalize on the fantastic footwear sale have probably noticed their local stores stocking up on flip flops in anticipation of the big day. Although the sale was available online last year as well, this year the One Dolla Holla sale is only available in stores. Thankfully all stores will open at 7am so eager shoppers can make sure they stock up before the crowds really start to arrive, because at just $1 a pair, you know they're not going to last.

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