10 Natural Ways To Boost Your Morning Energy With Kids

Waking up in the morning is undoubtedly more tiresome now that you're a parent. You wake, likely to the screams or cries of little ones, begging to be fed right away. Before you're even able to pop your mouthguard off your teeth, you have someone climbing over your face. Has the alarm gone off? Has the sun risen? Is it past 5am, at least? The answers are likely, no. But, you have to gather the troops and figure out how to wake up, and wake up fast.

Considering how hectic and wild the mornings can be as a parent, we have collected 10 things to boost your energy while caring for kids in the morning. Without the use of medications or loud, blaring music, here are some great, natural things that will make your AM's feel a bit more joyful. Or, at least- more energy filled.

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Drinking a glass of water every morning can help in many, health benefits in the morning, including energy. In this article by USA Today, they write how drinking water first thing in the morning can aid in digestive issues. It can also clear up skin and brighten its tone. Water will boost your energy right away when you wake from your slumber, whether it's by your phone's alarm or your child's screaming in the background. Regardless, ensure you have a nice, big glass of water beside the bed for early access.


By bringing the attention to small body parts first thing after wakeup, this will not only help boost your energy as you open your eyes, but bring the blood flowing to different areas of your from.

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From the tips of your toes all the way to your shoulders, try and wiggle and move each body part at their own time to get your blood flowing before you jump up for your day's duties. This way your body won't be in shock the moment you get up.


Eating a delicious, nutritious, flavourful fruit will boost your energy and your senses right away. If you happen to eat one before consuming any other food, you will likely get a boost of energy from its vitamins and its water content. By invigorating your senses, this wakes your brain up even more; what a great tip for starting an early day with children! Grab a fruit such as orange or apple, which is high in Vitamin C. These chosen fruits will surely wake you up, maybe just as well as your average cup of Joe.


This would be advice you'd take after you have had your water first thing in the morning. By "beverage" we are referring to your coffee, tea or juice. Again, our goal here is to get your blood flowing and your body moving to awaken your senses before your day's tasks begin.

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With children, we know it's difficult to squeeze in a work out before the day. But, finding 5-10 minutes with our without the children to stretch isn't just good for your body, it's good for your mind.


Music is a great mood booster. First thing in the morning, you're welcome to put whichever upbeat playlist your musical heart desires. This choice will likely affect your children's moods, too! It will bring the house to a happy and joyful start. Don't be surprised if everyone ends up singing along and dancing to the best. Music is a great way to collectively tighten energy in the early mornings.


Along with that dancing you're doing from all that music blasting around the house, sing. Singing is a great way to boost energy. It brings awareness to your brain and also strengthens your vocal cords. Not only will this give you the opportunity to warm up your voice for the day ahead of you, it will boost your energy and your mood; even in the early mornings with kids. It will also bring a light and playful nature to your morning routines. So, don't hold back. Sing your heart out!


This idea is a great one, especially if you have multiple children who take forever to get ready for their day. This will save an abundance of time; the only thing: you'll have to squeeze in some minutes before bed the night prior to choose the next day's outfit.

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Encourage your children to look up the weather for the next day. This will help inspire the day's attire. It will also encourage them to be creative and independent by choosing their out outfits. And it will, of course, save you a ton of time and energy in the morning.


Another great way to boost your energy in the morning is by saving your energy on meal preparations! By preparing breakfast for the entire clan, you have some additional time to shower, work, workout or even relax and read. You have time to not scramble during the morning and actually have time to do things that you will enjoy. This will surely help in your morning's routine along with the energy you have during it.


Surprisingly enough, if you've gotten enough hours of sleep in your night's rest you are encouraged to set an alarm earlier than your children are expected to wake. Not only will this give you extra time to slowly wake up (imagine!), it will allow some mental space to prepare for what you're about to get into- a day with (or without) the kids. Life's tough. But, we should enjoy it the best we can. If this means setting the alarm 30 minutes before theirs go off to stretch and shower, we'll guarantee you'll be a happier mother and individual compared to the previous, frantic one waking at 6am with the kiddos.


Sometimes, boosting your energy can be based on your perspective. If you're feeling frazzled, overwhelmed or overworked, you're likely exhausted, too. If you feel as though you're crashing by the day's end, you may need to reevaluate what you're doing every day and realize what can be let go of. It's ok to let go - you're not failing anyone. If anything, you're showing self-love. And that's an incredibly admirable and important trait to have as a parent and individual.

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