National Park Week Offers Free Entry To All National Parks

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A lot of schools all over the country will be on spring break next week, and families everywhere are making last-minute travel plans to make the most of the short break! Last-minute, obviously, because that's how we roll. If you're one of those families looking for a fun trip, we have some great news. National Park Week kicks off on April 20, and it's a great time to hit the road and see some of the most beautiful national parks this country has to offer! From Saturday April 20 through Sunday April 28, the National Park Service and National Park Foundation are hosting a variety of special programs and events at national parks like Grand Canyon Natural Park and Zion Natural Park. To kick off this exciting week, all entrance fees at all national parks will be waived on Saturday April 20!

If you want to take advantage, Outdoorsy has some great options for under-the-radar parks to visit next week.

North Cascades National Park in Washington

Located in Northern Washington, North Cascades National Park boasts gorgeous scenery, rugged peaks, and more than 300 glaciers (more than Glacier National Park!). It's also less busy than some of the other parks, with approximately 30,000 visitors a year. With lakes and hiking trails, this is a great option for outdoorsy families.

Pinnacles National Park in California

With parks like Yosemite and Joshua Tree getting millions of visitors a year, it can be a gamble to plan a visit there. You don't want to go when it's too busy! So maybe opt for a visit to Pinnacle National Park instead. Located near the Salinas Valley, Pinnacle gets just 230,000 visitors a year, and is a must-see for rock climbers and hikers.

Great Basin National Park in Nevada

Great Basin National Park is Nevada's largest national park, covering over 77,000 acres. It sits near the border of Nevada and Utah, and is full of gorgeous natural wonders like limestone caverns, streams, and alpine lakes. It's also one of the only parks that are part of the Night Skies Program, so if it's stargazing and constellations you seek, this is the park for you!

There are so many national parks to choose from, and spring break is a great chance to take in some of the natural splendor this country has to offer. For a full list of national parks, as well as events planned during National Park Week, visit the National Park Service website.

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