Princess Diana's Death Is Being Turned into A Theme Park Attraction

For as long as we can remember, there has been an intense fascination with the royal family. This predates Princes William and Harry and their families. Society's fascination with them came before they were even born, going back to when Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married. Princess Diana was an icon — glamorous, beautiful and a genuinely good person. That's why the world was so devastated by her death. And the obsession with her didn't end with her death. But a recently announced amusement park ride simulating her death is taking the obsession too far.

Trash magazine, the National Enquirer is creating their own theme park in Tennessee. And apparently, they're planning a ride that allows riders to relive the night Princess Diana died. Her death in a car crash in France has long been full of questions and conspiracies. But creating a ride out of it is in really poor taste.

"National Enquirer Live!" as the park is being called already sounds like a weird idea. But using Princess Diana's death as an attraction? Well, it's very concerning.

“It’s projected, and you see the buildings and everything in a 3-D presentation. And it shows the pathway as she left the Ritz hotel, and the paparazzi chasing her, and the bang-flash that we think blinded the driver—and how it happened,” amusements manager Robin Turner explained to The Daily Beast.

Not only does that sound uncomfortable, it sounds overstimulating. Turner does claim, “there’s no blood. There’s none of that. You see the car crash through computer animation.” As if that's somehow supposed to make any of this better. There are things that are done in poor taste, and then there are things like this that hit a new low.

From the way it's presented, the ride will cost $25. That must be separate from theme park admission. And if the above description wasn't enough to make you cringe, there's also this. At the end of the ride, riders "will be polled on what you believe was the cause of her death and who was behind it...We ask questions like ‘Do you think the royals were involved?’ ‘Do you think she was pregnant?’ All we do is ask questions on: what’s your opinion?”

So, not only are they planning to profit off a huge tragedy, there will then be a traumatic question and answer portion. Yes, the National Enquirer has always been known as sensationalist, but this is extremely not okay.

As of now, there hasn't been a statement from the royal family, but we can't imagine they will have anything but negative things to say. Hopefully they can get it shut down.

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