Someone Broke Into This Person's House, Took Nothing, But Cleaned It Top To Bottom

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It's like every moms wildest fantasy! Leaving the house and coming home to find that it's been cleaned in your absence. Well for one man in Massachusetts, this actually happened. On May 15th, a man named Nate Roman went to work just like any other day. However what he saw when he came home was a little... unusual. While Nate was out it appeared that someone had broken into his home and cleaned the whole place top to bottom. How hospitable!

While Roman was at work, a kindly intruder entered the home and cleaned the bedrooms and bathrooms, leaving the place spic and span. He was surpised to come home to the scent of a freshly cleaned home, and evidence of some phantom housekeeper having been there. Roman told the Boston Globe that he may have left the back door unlocked, which could have provided and entry point. But unlike most burglars, this one didn't take anything at all. Nothing was disturbed or stolen, it was simply left sparkling clean! Much cleaner than Roman had left it.

According to the Boston Globe, Roman's house was absolutely pristine after the weird intruder got through with it. The floors were vacuumed, the beds were made and there were even origami roses neatly folded into the toilet paper rolls hanging in the washroom. Roman was understandably disturbed and reported the incident to the police. He was left wondering if maybe a housecleaning service was lost and cleaned his house my mistake instead of some other house that was expecting it.

All creepiness aside, the idea of going to work and coming home to a clean house sounds pretty great. If this was more of a risk, it's possible the home security industry would go out of business. I mean, I know that I'd be totally down for a free housecleaning. It's like getting a special visit from the tidy-up fairy!

Either way, this story has sparked a lot of discussion and laughs online, and one thing is for certain- Nate Roman surely wont ever forget the time he got broken into with a somewhat pleasant outcome.

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