NASA Wants To Pay You $18,500 To Lie In Bed For 2 Months And Eat Snacks

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If you ask most moms what their dream is, chances are they say it's to get a good night's sleep. Not just to sleep, but to get a solid eight hours of uninterrupted sleep where someone isn't kicking them, pulling the covers off them and they're not pushed to the edge of the bed because someone is spread like a starfish in the middle. Scientists are looking specifically for women to lay in bed for 60 days to study the effects of weightlessness on the body. 60 days may feel like a long time, but when you're a sleep deprived mom, that's a blip in time.

And what's better? You get paid. The study pays 16,500 euros, which is about $18,500 in American dollars. Almost $19,000 to lay in bed and do nothing? Sounds like a dream!

According to the German Aerospace Center, which is conducting the study after being commissioned by NASA and the European Space Agency, astronauts experience changes in their body. The changes are a result of weightlessness caused by microgravity. It causes their bones and muscles to break down, and a lot of body fluid goes to their heads.

So, the purpose of the study is to give scientists a look at the body. Bed rest will be a simulation for the weightlessness experienced during the time in space. And then they can try to figure out ways to balance out the effects of weightlessness. Apparently, the astronauts spend a lot of their time in space exercising to keep the effects at bay, and they're looking for something that could hopefully reduce the amount of time they need to exercise.

But when they say the participants of the study will be on bed rest, they mean it. Anyone who participates will have to do everything in bed. That includes eating, showering and going to the bathroom. A little gross, but surely they've got means to keep it all sanitary. And you get a private room, but your bed is tilted at a six degree angle, and your head it at the bottom.

According to the website, meals are designed do you don't gain weight, but they won't be "extra healthy." Astronauts like to eat sweet treats too.

So, if you're a healthy non-smoking woman between the ages of 24 and 55 who is free from September to December 2019 and can go to Germany (you must also speak German) to participate, this might be something worth looking into!

All in all, it doesn't seem like a terrible way to spend two months.

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