Nannies Banned From Using Social Media On The Job

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For most us, social media is simply a part of our everyday lives. We virtually live on our phones, with the average American checking their notifications every 12 minutes. Most of us still manage to sneak in a little bit of social media time while we're working and our bosses usually turn a blind eye - but the jig could be up for nannies. Looking after someone else's children while they're at work is a huge responsibility that isn't to be taken lightly.

While most nannies are on the ball when it comes to doing the job properly, some parents have expressed concerns that social media might be becoming too much of a distraction for some, which in turn could endanger children.

According to the Independent, a recent study unearthed some worrying figures about phone checking in Britain, stating that phones are usually looked at 28 times a day. It might be down a little bit from our side of the pond, but it's enough for babysitting agencies such as Abbeville Nannies and Kensington Nannies in London to put limitations on how often their staff can use their smartphones.

They claim that the new restrictions have come about after an increasing number of parents were asking for rules to be put in place. After all, if a family is paying good money for a nanny then the last thing they would want is for them to be texting their friends all the time, say Abbeville.

Kensington Nannies have gone one step further and all of their nannies are asked to sign a contract with a social media clause. All employees should put their personal phones away during the time they're working and instead use a work phone provided for them to contact the parents or the office if required.

Would you ban your nanny from using a smartphone while they're looking after your children? More importantly, do you refrain from getting too much screen time when you're in charge of your own kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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